This first-time user of HardieWrap™ weather barrier instantly discovers the reasons why it has taken the building industry by storm – and the bigger the storm, the better Urban Style Building Services provides quality new homes in the greater Wollongong area. As their name suggests, they’re all about creating stylish urban spaces and they currently complete around six architecturally designed projects each year, as well as anywhere between 15 and 20 units.

It’s a busy time for building in this part of New South Wales, and Urban Style’s biggest challenge is simply keeping up with demand. For this reason, they’re always looking for materials that will save them time without compromising on quality. This included a sarking solution that could withstand the elements, in any location.

Weathering the Elements

Jason Van Overmeir is General Manager for Urban Style Building Services, and this year oversaw a new designer home build at a hillside location in Dapto, near Wollongong.

Its elevated location provided excellent ocean views, however this meant being exposed to everything Mother Nature could throw at it. Direct sunlight, rain and strong winds were all factors to consider here, and HardieWrap™ weather barrier emerged as the natural choice.

HardieWrap™ weather barrier is designed to be used in  wall and gable applications behind James Hardie®, Scyon™ and other* external cladding products to help protect your building walls.

It delivers a triple-shield of protection to help against external weather penetration, internal condensation build-up and external heat penetration.


The Height of Excellence

It has also been engineered with the builder in mind. “This was the first time I’d come across this product,” Jason recalls.

“Up till then I had just been using a normal breather foil.” Yet normal foils have a typical height of just 1.35m – HardieWrap™ weather barrier is double this. “The best part is the height,” says Jason. “It’s 2.75m high, allowing just two of my guys to wrap it around the whole house just once,  not twice.”

“It covers more square metres in less time, and took me half the time to install compared to any other wraps I have used.”

As well as a faster installation and up to 10% less wastage, HardieWrap™ weather barrier is also both lighter and easier to cut than most foils on the market.

“The weight of the material is amazing. It’s easier to install HardieWrap™ weather barrier over the scaffolding as well”

In HardieWrap™ weather barrier, Jason found the perfect material designed with construction and durability performance in mind. Its  safe-glare reflective^ surface can improve the thermal wall performance by more than R0.3m2K/W (depending on the James Hardie cladding), reducing the need for more costly insulation, while its low flammability makes it suitable for bushfire prone areas.

Here at Dapto, it also meant confidence in getting the job done with efficiency and convenience.

“Wraps often flap a lot in strong winds, pushing staples out of the wall,” Jason says. “With HardieWrap™ weather barrier there was no such issue. It was holding up tight and firm.”

The Smarter Choice
For speed, increasing wall protection, convenience and cost, HardieWrap™ weather barrier has it covered. Jason

“It covers more square metres in less time, and took me half the time to install HardieWrap compared to any other wraps I have used.”

Jason Van Overmeir and the Urban Style team now insist on using it with every project. To find how you can too, call James Hardie on the number below.

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*Specifier is responsible for confirming the suitability of HardieWrap™ weather barrier in the specific design and climate zone with the selected external cladding product. Refer to cladding manufacturer for more information.
^HardieWrap™ weather barrier has an outward facing low e reflective surface with an emittance value of 0.16 tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4201.5. Please refer to the HardieWrap™ weather barrier datasheet for more information.