Futuristic Small Lot Hex Home Design Wins at the NABD National Design Awards

The winner of the Hardie Dream Designer Award for 2016 was announced at the National Building Design Awards on Saturday night 1st October 2016. And the winner is...

Sustainable and energy efficient homes are the future of housing industry

Sustainable and energy efficient homes are the future of the housing industry. It is quite noticeable that housing standards are evolving to become more stringent and environment friendly. Livability and affordability are important for sustainable homes

New and improved sealer on Scyon™ Secura™ interior flooring

Product improvement - The Scyon Secura Interior Flooring has a new sealer which provides a unique waterproofing with a superior finish

Taking the hassle out of fire rated construction

Constructing fire rated intertenancy wall with less fuss and lower cost.

Helping reduce construction time with latest building innovation

HardieSmart™ Intertenancy wall systems making fire rated construction easier and faster