When time isn't on your side, stealing back a few hours can make a big difference to your quality of life.

After spending 50 years building up an outstanding reputation in the construction industry, you might think John loves nothing more than his work. When he’s making a choice between getting the job done to the right standard and taking time out for his family, there’s no way he’d compromise on quality or safety. But it’s a choice he shouldn’t have to make.

In a recent project, John was faced with a task he’d always found time-consuming - building fire rated intertenancy walls. In the past, he’d always chosen double-brick construction with a fire rated lining as the best solution. The time he’d be taking to get the job done meant postponing a family fishing holiday that was long overdue. But this time he was planning to use Primeline™ weatherboards on his upper story for a multi town house project.

At a builder’s breakfast, John got talking to the James Hardie team and hit the jackpot when he heard about the HardieSmart™ Intertenancy wall system – a fire rating solution that takes less time to install, without compromising on those all important safety standards.

“It’s faster, easier and lighter than working with brick walls. On this project, it’s won me back some precious time for my fishing holiday,” says John. “In the future I will definitely be looking at HardieSmart™ Intertenancy wall system during the design phase. I reckon I’ll be getting my fire rated walls built in half the time it would normally take if I were using double brick.”

No matter what your goals are, speeding up construction without falling short on quality and results, is a guaranteed way to keep your business competitive. With our world-leading product technologies and decades of applied construction knowledge, James Hardie are the ideal partner for staying one step ahead in the building game.

Send your plans to technical.team@jameshardie.com.au or call our team on 13 11 03 to find out more about the HardieSmart™ Intertenancy wall system.

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