If you hate having to regularly stain or replace timber decks you’ll appreciate HardieDeck™.

HardieDeck™  is designed to be coated in durable paving paint for verandahs, paths and driveways. The advantage of using paint is that colours can be tailored to suit a wide range of homes and styles. Click here to find out more.

Alternatively, HardieDeck™  can be clear sealed for a raw look giving a modern industrial or architectural aesthetic. For more information on coatings click here. The fibre cement boards and coated aluminium accessories are backed by a 10 year warranty. HardieDeck™ is resistant to rotting, termites, fire and damage from moisture*.

The HardieDeck™ system is an attractive, durable and robust structural decking solution with a modern, contemporary appearance.

Best of all, the HardieDeck™ is fast to install. The system comprises of uniform 196mm wide and 3,000mm long  compressed fibre cement decking boards. The 19mm thick boards have grooves machined into their long edges. Once the first board is positioned a double winged anodized aluminium base jointer slots into the machined groove. Then a second HardieDeck™ board slots into the winged base jointer. Next, the base jointer is screwed to each joist.

Once the boards are coated, the screws are concealed by a powder coated aluminium top strip that simply snaps in.

The wide boards and Fast-track fixing system make installation quicker and more cost-effective than other decking materials, creating an opportunity to install more decks.

Beyond the three piece system there are optional HardieDeck™ products that facilitate custom designs as well as edging and stair solutions.
HardieDeck™ is Australian made for harsh Australian conditions. To see it used in a range of solutions and in a range of colours visit HardieDeck.com.au

Features and Benefits

  • A 10 year system warranty.
  • Resistant to termites.
  • Resistant to moisture damage and rotting.
  • No swelling or contraction with heat or rain.
  • Safe and solid under foot, with less ‘bounce’ than timber.
  • Deemed non-combustible, suitable for bushfire prone areas and flame zones.
  • Wide colour choice to suit a wide variety of styles and consumer preferences.
  • Fast-track system offers speed and ease of install, dramatically reducing install time.

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*When installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.