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General Technical Information

HardieTex™ system

What is it?

Strong base sheets that are designed to be acrylic render coated with colour and texture, giving a beautiful rendered look without the need for masonry.

Where do you use it?

As an external cladding on traditional or contemporary residential homes.
Also ideal for ground or upper-storey extensions.

What are the key benefits?


    • Cost effective product allowing flexible lightweight construction. Ideal
      for upper storey additions and recladding
    • Range of different rendered looks can be created
    • No visible sheeting joints other than control joints for construction
    • Lightweight construction – reduce/eliminate expensive structural
    • Suitable for use on full wrap or for composite construction designs
    • Impact resistant substrate ready to accept the application of third party
      supplied texture system
    • Two recessed edges for concealed jointing (along the two longer sides
      of the sheet)
    • Can be fixed to timber or residential steel framed buildings
    • Base sheets can also be used for bracing applications
    • Resistant to damage from moisture, rotting, termites and fire when
      installed and maintained correctly to the extent set out in James
      Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation
    • High energy efficient R-values can be achieved, when installed as per
      the James Hardie wall system thermal performance total R-values
      technical supplement





PC Size (mm)
400293 2,440 x 900
400295 2,725 x 900
400296 3,000 x 900
401651 2,440 x 1,200
400294 2,725 x 1,200
400291 3,000 x 1,200


More Information.

Technical Info

Accessories for HardieTex™ system

James Hardie™ Joint Sealant*

A general purpose, paintable, exterior grade polyurethane joint sealant.

300ml cartridge  SAP: 305534  Selling Unit: 20 per box

*Not to be used in fire applications.


James Hardie™ 7.5mm PVC Starter Strip. 3,000mm long.

A perforated PVC extrusion, used with HardieTex™ sheet to provide a straight edge to finish the texture coating or used with PrimeLine® Newport or Summit weatherboard to secure the bottom row at the correct angle.

Length: 3,000mm  SAP: 305568  Selling Unit: 25 per pack


HardieTex™ 7.5mm PVC Z Flashing. 3,000mm long.

A PVC extrusion for use with HardieTex™ system to provide an alternative detail option at horizontal control joints.

Length: 3,000mm  SAP: 305569  Selling Unit: 25 per pack


James Hardie™ Score and Snap Knife

A tungsten tipped knife for scoring fibre cement sheets.

SAP: 305576  Selling Unit: 20 per box


James Hardie™ Fibreshears

Electric tool for cutting fibre cement sheets.

SAP: 300653  Selling Unit: 1 each


HardieBlade™ Saw Blade

A poly-diamond blade for fast and clean cutting of James Hardie fibre cement

Length: 185mm  SAP: 300660  Selling Unit: 1 each
Length: 254mm  SAP: 303375  Selling Unit: 1 each


HardieDrive™ Screw 32mm

A class 3 self-tapping wing-tipped screw for fastening to 0.8mm to 1.6mm BMT lightgauge steel frames.

Length: 32mm  SAP: 305532  Selling Unit: 500 per box


HardieDrive™ Screw 40mm

A class 3 self-tapping wing-tipped screw for fastening to 0.8mm to 1.6mm BMT lightgauge steel frames.

Length: 40mm  SAP: 305533  Selling Unit: 500 per box


HardieWrap™ Weather Barrier

A non-perforated, highly breathable and reflective safe-glare weather barrier designed to be used behind Scyon™ external cladding products to help protect the building. For alternate products, please refer to HardieWrap™ weather barrier section. Unit size 2750mm x 30000mm Part No. 305664. www.hardiewrap.com.au


HardieBreak™ thermal strip

A building code requirement and is installed behind James Hardie external cladding over metal framing and HardieWrap™ Weather Barrier. Refer to HardieBreak™ thermal strip installation guide. Unit size 43 x 12 x2750mm. Part No. 305612. 45 per pack

FAQ for HardieTex™ system

What is used for external corners when using HardieTex™?

We recommend the HardiTex® External Corner Angle. It has a 2mm ridge for the texture coater to screed off to for a clean finish.

Why doesn't a HardieTex™ sheet have 4 recessed edges?

Sheets are installed vertically in walls exceeding 1200mm high.

What are the advantages for using HardiTex™ sheet rather than rendered bricks?

HardiTex® base sheets  are quick and easy to install enabling the interior to be started sooner and reducing construction time.Due to the lightweight construction it has greater design capabilities and savings can be made with the size of the footings required. HardiTex® can be used as the external cladding of a fire rated wall system.It will also product a smaller footprint.

How do you get a recess on the non-recessed edge of a HardiTex™ sheet?

Use an angle grinder fitted with a masonry or diamond blade and a dust collection device to form a recess as shown in the HardiTex™ fixing manual. Hitachi have an "Easy Bevel" attachment to suit an angle grinder.

Why doesn't a HardieTex™ sheet have 4 recessed edges?

As sheets are usually installed vertically there is no need to provide a recessed edge at the base. It also allows sheets to be cut to size without wasting the recessed edge.

 I have commercial type framing, and I wish to install HardeiTex™ as a facia. Is this feasible?

No, use ComTex® facade panel and fixing system for commercial type framing. Please refer to the technical manual for further information.

Can HardieTex™ sheet be attached to a galvanised iron external fence or any other existing fence?

No, there will be too much movement and cracking will occur at the sheet joints.

Can HardieTex™ be used a bracing?

Yes, HardiTex™ base sheets can be used to brace a wall frame. Please refer to the structural design manual for further details.