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General Technical Information

PrimeLine® weatherboard

What is it?

An external weatherboard available in four different profiles to help
achieve a wide variety of looks, whether contemporary or traditional,
making it ideal for new homes or renovations.

  • PrimeLine® Chamfer weatherboard
  • PrimeLine® Heritage weatherboard
  • PrimeLine® Newport weatherboard
  • PrimeLine® Summit weatherboard
    (Both Newport and Summit weatherboards feature the
    HardieLock™ fixing system allowing for quick installation).


Where do you use it?

As an external cladding on traditional or contemporary homes. Also ideal
for ground or upper-storey extensions and to add areas of interest, like
bay windows, gables and window surrounds.

What are the key benefits?


    • Quick and easy to install
    • Summit and Newport feature the HardiLock™ fixing system which
      allows each spline to be fitted neatly over the lower board and then
      locked into place, concealing all nails and fastenings
    • Chamfer and Heritage come in double-board width for quick coverage.
    • Milled finish
    • Pre-primed – easy to paint
    • Resistant to damage from moisture, rotting, termites and fire when
      installed and maintained correctly to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.
    • 15 year paint warranty by Taubmans and Wattyl on selected paints.




9mm pre-primed

PC Size (mm)
400103 4,200 x 300
400153 4,200 x 300
400319 4,200 x 170
400380 4,200 x 230


More Information.

Technical Info

Accessories for PrimeLine® weatherboard

James Hardie™ Joint Sealant*

A general purpose, paintable, exterior grade polyurethane joint sealant.

300ml cartridge  SAP: 305534  Selling Unit: 20 per box

*Not to be used in fire applications.


James Hardie™ 7.5mm PVC Starter Strip. 3,000mm long.

A perforated PVC extrusion, used with HardieTex™ sheet to provide a straight edge to finish the texture coating or used with PrimeLine® Newport or Summit weatherboard to secure the bottom row at the correct angle.

Length: 3,000mm  SAP: 305568  Selling Unit: 25 per pack


James Hardie™ Score and Snap Knife

A tungsten tipped knife for scoring fibre cement sheets.

SAP: 305576  Selling Unit: 20 per box


PrimeLine® Galvanised Universal Off Stud Joint Clip

A galvanised metal clip to be used for off stud jointing of PrimeLine® Heritage and PrimeLine® Chamfer weatherboards.

SAP: 305525 Selling Unit: 100 per pack


James Hardie™ Aluminium Snap On Corner (2 piece)

A ready to paint aluminium extrusion set, to be used with Easylap™ panels, Scyon™ Axon™ cladding, HardiePlank™ weatherboards and PrimeLine® weatherboard, at internal and external corner junctions to conceal the board edge.

Length: 3,000mm (2 pieces per set)  SAP: 305513  5 sets per pack


James Hardie™ Fibreshears

Electric tool for cutting fibre cement sheets.

SAP: 300653  Selling Unit: 1 each


HardieBlade™ Saw Blade

A poly-diamond blade for fast and clean cutting of James Hardie fibre cement

Length: 185mm  SAP: 300660  Selling Unit: 1 each
Length: 254mm  SAP: 303375  Selling Unit: 1 each


James Hardie™ 75x75mm Colorbond® Corner Flashing

A Colorbond® corner flashing for use behind cladding at internal and external corners.

Length: 3,000mm  SAP: 305564  Selling Unit: 5 per pack


HardieDrive™ Screw 32mm

A class 3 self-tapping wing-tipped screw for fastening to 0.8mm to 1.6mm BMT lightgauge steel frames.

Length: 32mm  SAP: 305532  Selling Unit: 500 per box


HardieDrive™ Screw 40mm

A class 3 self-tapping wing-tipped screw for fastening to 0.8mm to 1.6mm BMT lightgauge steel frames.

Length: 40mm  SAP: 305533  Selling Unit: 500 per box


HardieWrap™ Weather Barrier

A non-perforated, highly breathable and reflective safe-glare weather barrier designed to be used behind Scyon™ external cladding products to help protect the building. For alternate products, please refer to HardieWrap™ weather barrier section. Unit size 2750mm x 30000mm Part No. 305664. www.hardiewrap.com.au


HardieBreak™ thermal strip

A building code requirement and is installed behind James Hardie external cladding over metal framing and HardieWrap™ Weather Barrier. Refer to HardieBreak™ thermal strip installation guide. Unit size 43 x 12 x2750mm. Part No. 305612. 45 per pack

FAQ for PrimeLine® weatherboard

Can the Metal Soaker, Stud Clips or Uni Clip be used in a salt affected area?

No, in these applications/environments the appropriate fasteners must be used and the HardiPlank® cladding & PrimeLine® should be joined on stud.

When installing HardiePlank™ cladding / PrimeLine™ weatherboard, is it best to install each wall individually, or install around the house perimeter?

The HardiePlank™ weatherboard / PrimeLine® weatherboard should be installed around the perimeter of the building then up the wall checking every 4th board to ensure they are correctly levelled and spaced.

Can I conceal the fasteners when installing PrimeLine® Heritage and Chamfer?

No, PrimeLine® Heritage and Chamfer can only be face fixed. Fasteners can be concealed using PrimeLine Summit and Newport.

Do I have to paint the PrimeLine®?

Yes the paint finish is a primer undercoat to assist in painting. All James Hardie external cladding products must have a suitable paint or texture coat system in accordance with the coating manufacturers written recommendations.

Can PrimeLine™ weatherboard be used for bracing?

No, alternative methods of bracing must be used.

Are there off stud joiners available for PrimeLine® Newport and Summit?2

You can join the PrimeLine® Newport and Summit off stud using the HardiLock® PVC spline located at the back of the sheet. Contact Ask James Hardie™ CustomerLink™ for more information .

Can I see where the boards are joined using the HardieLock® fixing system?

One of the features of the PrimeLine® weatherboard is the HardieLock® fixing system. By sliding the HardieLock® spline into the next weatherboard you can achieve an almost seamless join with the use of James Hardie sealant.

Do I have to use so many fasteners with the HardieLock® system?

The HardieLock® fixing system is a concealed fixing system. All PrimeLine® are to be fixed to every stud.