A bird's eye view of success

Annerley is a Brisbane suburb located approximately 6km south of the Central Business District. Much of the area is elevated, offering scenic views of the city and making it a keenly sought after locale. The suburb comprises of residences for varying socioeconomic levels. Due to increased gentrification and the rising cost of housing, more medium density developments are beginning to appear, slowly evolving the look and feel of the area.

With this in mind, Montague Developments were looking to maximise the use of the 2200m² Clive Street site without disconnecting from the existing character of the surrounding suburb. The suite of James Hardie Scyon™ building products delivered on these objectives, offering both an intelligent and visually appealing finish that will undoubtedly become the standard for lot maximisation and modernised conformity to character-driven design for many years to come.

Character with market appeal

Residing within the borders of the Demolition Control Precinct; a part of the city that contains pre-1946 housing with distinctive architectural styles, Montague’s Clive St, Annerley site needed to be both respectful and compatible with the local ‘neighbourhood’ character. Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard, visible throughout the development, was a major element of the street-facing facades and delivered the necessary character aspect, conforming to these strict design guidelines. The deep shadow lines deliver an interesting and modern approach to the classic weatherboard look. Elegantly blended with Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding, the final product delivers a contemporary aesthetic that remains aligned to the traditional ‘Queenslander’ character.

The maximisation of space, created through intelligent design features such as hidden, rear access parking also helped to strengthen the streetscape presentation of the property and allowed the builder to highlight the products that best reflect the character of the area.

With 14 three-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom apartments, thoughtful design and construction methods were incorporated to successfully deliver privacy, space and comfort to each dwelling.


Composite construction on all upper levels improved liveability without the need to increase footing area, and in keeping with the style, baton-fixed over-cladding to the ground level masonry construction using Scyon™ Matrix™ cladding also meant for consistent character conformity from the ground up.

Seamlessly blending interior and exterior areas, Scyon™ Axon™ cladding was used in all balcony areas, contributing to the sense of increased living space, and adding to the character features of the overall design.

By creating genuine market appeal through intelligent, attractive design, the ultimate yield on the project exceeded expectations with final sale prices easily achieving $50K over the projected amount initially targeted.

Asking the experts

Wary of cost management requirements, the Brisbane Builder team approached James Hardie® for assistance during the product and system selection stage. James Hardie was able to suggest alternatives to help with “on-the-wall-cost” price points and suggested value engineering opportunities throughout the construction process.

Site access and workspace available on the project were tight, therefore delivery, storage and manoeuvrability of materials presented a challenge. Fibre cement products are pre-stacked for delivery and storage, are light to handle and greatly improved the efficiency and safety of the construction site.

Solutions that last

Avoiding ongoing maintenance issues was a key consideration for the project and the selection of James Hardie® products contributed to the success of this objective; with select paint warranties up to 15 years, ongoing maintenance to the facade was greatly reduced.

In order to help avoid a classic construction rectification issue on the balconies, Scyon™ Secura™ exterior flooring was used as a substrate. Unlike traditional materials, this product is resistant to water damage* and strengthened for higher point loadings.

The variety of products available from James Hardie further aided the builder’s goal in selecting a palette of materials that would enhance the streetscape diversity without straying from the underlying construction typology.

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*When installed and maintained correctly to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation