ThomsonAdsett is an Australian architecture practice that delivers specialist advice and service to clients around the world. Starting from a one room studio in Brisbane, Australia, the practice has grown steadily to now be one of the 100 largest architecture firms in the world, with over 25 shareholding principals. No matter the project, ThomsonAdsett inject its creativity, design flair and passion ‐ producing designs that work well and make a positive contribution to the built environment.

ARChitectural™ Inraw™ panels featured behind reception desk & lobby wall

With the aspiration of a welcoming, engaging and collaborative workspace, ThomsonAdsett designed the conversion of a 1950s warehouse into an open-plan architectural studio, accommodating around 75 staff.  The core idea behind the studio design centres on the ‘blurring of boundaries’ between a creative design studio, learning environment, and gathering space. The blurring of boundaries between the company’s specialist design disciplines was enhanced by having open sight lines throughout the studio and linear workstations, providing connectivity between all disciplines.

ARChitectural™ Inraw™ panels with expressed joints make an elegent statement

The visual connections between front of house areas and studio were a key factor in this design, with the reception and waiting areas having clear visibility into the studio. A circular informal discussion space creates a link between the two areas with a fine stainless steel mesh curtain articulating the space, and feature lighting providing a visual reference to 1950s studios.

The south-lit studio space takes advantage of abundant natural light through the sawtooth roof skylights and two large glazed side walls. The high level steel frame structure and exposed ducts are refreshed and painted white, adding to the sense of spaciousness.

ARChitectural™ Inraw™ panels also feature in the boardroom

This design utilised ARChitectural™ Inraw™ pre-finished panels, which provided an aesthetic that was both in keeping with the exposed industrial nature and history of the building, whilst also providing a high end finish to the front of house reception and meeting spaces. With most of the fixed office joinery being constructed of form ply, the use of Inraw™ panel was a logical pairing. Used in varying panel sizes, Inraw™ panels provided a continuing theme to each of the front of house spaces and an eye catching alternative to conventional material palettes.

A concealed fixing system delivers an uninterrupted aesthetic

The sheets were cut to pattern size and spliced battens fixed to the reverse side. These where then slotted on top of battens pre fixed to the wall, so that all fixings are concealed and the panels are removable should back-lighting wish to be installed at a later date. The ease of handling associated with the product and its compatibility with trades already required in the construction allowed for a seamless and cost effective installation. Due to their fixing methodology, the panels could also be cut, but not fully installed until the end of construction, removing them from the critical path and giving the builder greater programming flexibility.

Graceful simplicity and a high quality finish achieved with ARChitectural™ Inraw™panels

The use of Inraw™ panels as a focal point in the design has created a frequent talking point amongst clients and guests to the ThomsonAdsett Studio. Its graceful simplicity and high quality finish presents itself as a fresh, cost effective alternative to conventional palettes and demonstrates a potential for a number of applications. "To have the confidence to feature a new product so prominently in the design of one of our own studios has been rewarded with a fantastic and dynamic space befitting of our company profile".

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