James Hardies' multi-residential HardieSmart Systems are the next generation of fire, acoustic, thermal and bracing building solutions.

These systems use common building practices for easy code-compliance and assembly. They come in a range of targeted solutions including Boundary, Intertenancy, Zerolot and Aged Care

By removing excess materials and trades, HardieSmart Systems offer a complete system with all James Hardie components covered by one product warranty.

A compact boundary wall solution

HARDIESMART™ BOUNDARY WALL SYSTEM is designed for townhouses, terraces and detached buildings where external walls are in close proximity from the boundary and all bushfire zoned areas.

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A fast and compact common wall solution

HARDIESMART™ INTERTENANCY WALL SYSTEM is designed for common walls between tenancies in townhouses, terraces and multi-residential buildings requiring semi-detached construction.

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Build as you sell

HARDIESMART™ ZEROLOT WALL SYSTEM is a game-changing system. Suitable for a dual boundary wall solution designed to provide fully detached construction for townhouses and terraces with minimum offset.

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A compact and fast senior living wall

HARDIESMART™ AGEDCARE WALL SYSTEM is used in separating walls between occupancies in Aged Care buildings as well as common facilities and corridors. 

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