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Our People

With well over a century of innovation, collaboration and determination we emerge stronger, smarter and more competitive than ever before; a culture lead by highly focused leaders and a belief in our vision which continues to drive the people that make up James Hardie today.

Mission Statement and Core Values

James Hardie Mission Statement

To aggressively pursue organic growth through a differentiated position in the building products industry.

James Hardie Core Values

Thrive on Competition – we will execute our business strategy by never accepting the status quo and continuously striving to be better than we were yesterday;

Build on Organisational Advantage – we will win by by recruiting, engaging and developing the right people through a culture that promotes innovation, performance and growth;

Embrace Step Change – we will seek and support opportunities that drive toward the Company Mission by deviating from established practices;

Operate with Respect – we will behave with professionalism and regard toward our internal and external stakeholders, fostering a diverse environment of candid communication and ideas.

"Our core values remain the cornerstone of our foundation which encompasses both our history and the people that are James Hardie: the company’s employees, shareholders and customers. Our foundation is the basis for the company vision that is now enabling more than 3,100 employees around the world to channel their knowledge and skills into our ability to creatively solve complex problems and challenge the way the world builds."


To achieve the greatness you must be different. Pioneers don’t always tread an easy road. Australia is a land of opportunity, innovation and evolution and as such, the Australian landscape is coloured by diverse cultures, and a unique way of life. We believe that a skilled and diverse workforce which encompasses different viewpoints, skills,attributes, life experiences and the unique strengths of each employee, contributes collectively to the company’s operating performance.

Innovation & Collaboration

Our job is to translate the use of our products, solutions and sustainable building practices in to affordable, individual designs and energy efficient buildings. We achieve this through rewarding partnerships and real innovation. Today, we feel James Hardie plays a greater role than ever in the construction of the Australian dream.

James Hardie has a reputation that opens doors and as such, has a long standing history of sustained industry relationships that are both enduring and highly valued. This far-reaching network sets us apart from our competitors, allowing us to provide an unrivalled level of service.

We began our journey in 1888 by investing in the growth of Australia. Today, we represent a business that continues to grow and deliver opportunity for Australians by challenging convention and rewarding success. We look forward to the continuing on this path for decades to come with you.

2014-2015 Workplace Gender Equality Public Report