James Hardie™ 45x45mm PVC Corner Angle Mould

A PVC extrusion used to finish internal and external corners.

Length: 3,000mm  SAP: 305554  Selling Unit: 25 per pack

HardieBlade™ Saw Blade

A poly-diamond blade for fast and clean cutting of James Hardie fibre cement

Length: 185mm  SAP: 300660  Selling Unit: 1 each
Length: 254mm  SAP: 303375  Selling Unit: 1 each

James Hardie™ Joint Sealant*

A general purpose, paintable, exterior grade polyurethane joint sealant*.

300ml cartridge  SAP: 305534  Selling Unit: 20 per box
600ml sausage  SAP: 305672  Selling Unit: 20 per box

*Not recommended for use in fire applications

HydrEpoxy® 501  (two-part epoxy, 2 litre set)*

A two-part epoxy to join HardiePanel™ compressed sheets.

SAP: 305529  Selling Unit: 1 set (includes both Part A and Part B tubs)

*For internal applications only.

Backing Rods

To be used with sealant in movement joints.
Required accessory NOT supplied by James Hardie