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Unique Product Attributes

Specific to the Scyon™ product range are the Enhanced CLD™ and Enhanced Workability attributes. 

Enhanced CLD™ technology refers to the Ceramic Low Density composition that makes Scyon™ products lighter-in-weight than other fibre cement products whilst still retaining the same heavy duty performance and durability rating.

Enhanced Workability confirms the ability to both easily cut and nail the Scyon™ products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of manufacturing Scyon™ building products? 

Scyon™ is made from benign raw materials low in toxicity. The products are all low in embodied energy relative to many other building products like masonry and concrete.

What is the impact of construction that uses Scyon™ products?

Scyon™ products are easy to incorporate into practical building systems that touch the earth lightly.

What is the impact of using Scyon™ products over the life of the building?

Scyon™ products are very durable and low maintenance which helps create buildings low in lifetime energy consumption.

What is the impact on people living and working in buildings made from Scyon™ products

Used in the right design, Scyon™ products can be used to create energy efficient and thermally comfortable buildings in any Australian climate.

Scyon™ Overview

The brainchild of James Hardie's research and development team, Scyon™ is an advanced lightweight cement composite with heavy-duty performance. Created with ease of installation in mind, Scyon™ brings advanced building technology to the houses of today, with an eye on tomorrow. Keep your eye on Scyon™ and challenge convention.

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"You can get an interesting look for any house using Scyon™ products. Carpenters like working with it and because it is pre-primed, Painters do too!"

Peter Lea, Tectonics

"We chose Scyon™ cladding to give the house a good harmonious feel. The client is happy and everyone who sees the house thinks it looks great".

Terry Hodges, West Coast Designs

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