Ritek XL Thermal Wall®

The Ritek Thermal Wall® System is delivered complete with a high performance thermal insulation layer bonded to the inside of the panel, saving valuable floor space.

For exterior walls, Ritek XL Thermal Wall® is manufactured specifically to your architect’s drawings, with built-in insulation allowing for a high thermal rating of up to R-value 4.8. No need for additional trades and materials in providing insulation, batten and lining while achieving BCA thermal, fire and sound transfer specifications.

Our in-house drafting team custom manufacture the panels to your architect’s specification to ensure the Ritek XL Thermal Wall® is delivered to your site prefabricated, and ready to install. Electrical and gas services can be cast in. Windows and fire doorframes can be pre-installed.

Suitable for use in single residential, multi-storey residential and commercial buildings as load bearing/structural walls up to 25 stories or higher in non-load-bearing capacities.

Ritek® XL Wall System Specification
all Panel Thickness Concrete Core Surface Density
(Core Filled)
Typical Panel Weight
135mm to 265mm 95mm to 225mm > 220 kg/m2 22 kg/m2 to 28 kg/m2
Panel Components 6mm Fibre Cement Sheeting bonded to a Patented Composite Aluminium and ABS Stud. All aluminium components and accessories are protected by chromate coating.
Internal Finish Set joints and apply a standard paint finish (Level 4).
External Finish Set joints and apply a standard texture coating system finish.
Horizontal steel reinforcing bars can be placed at 175 and 350 centres in accordance with the maximum centre to centre spacing of AS 3600-2009.