Ritek® XL Wall®

Ritek® XL Wall® can be used for all internal and external walls. The sanded surface is ready for direct setting by your finishing trades to a level four finish, this removes the cost and time to batten out and plaster line internal walls speeding project completion. Without battening out the Ritek® XL Wall® there’s an opportunity for increased floor space which could be sold for additional profit with the same overall building dimensions.

Our in-house drafting team custom design the panels to ensure the Ritek® XL Wall® is delivered to your site prefabricated, and ready to install. Electrical services, windows and fire doorframes can be cast in.

Panels are stood in place, both vertical and horizontal reinforcement is placed as required and the wall completed by core filling the panels with structural concrete. The design of the Ritek® XL Wall® allows for simple set-up and rapid concrete pour, with minimal interference from weather.

A network of experienced installers along with Ritek® project coordinators can help to enable a highly efficient install, with minimal downtime, delivering a straight and true durable wall, maximising floor space, on time, on budget.

Ritek® XL Wall System Specification
XL Wall Panel Thickness Concrete Core Surface Density
(Core Filled)
Typical Panel Weight
115mm 103mm > 220 kg/m2 20 kg/m2
135mm 123mm > 220 kg/m2 21 kg/m2
150mm 138mm > 220 kg/m2 23 kg/m2
165mm 153mm > 220 kg/m2 24 kg/m2
200mm 188mm > 220 kg/m2 26 kg/m2
265mm 253mm > 220 kg/m2 28 kg/m2
Panel Components 6mm Fibre Cement Sheeting bonded to a Patented Composite Aluminium and ABS Stud. All aluminium components and accessories are protected by chromate coating.
Internal Finish Set joints and apply a standard paint finish (Level 4).
External Finish Set joints and apply a standard texture coating system finish.
Horizontal steel reinforcing bars can be placed at 175 and 350 centres in accordance with the maximum centre to centre spacing of AS 3600-2009.