Axon™ Cladding - Fibre Cement Vertical Joint Panels

Scyon™ Axon™ is a vertically grooved cladding panel that looks sharp and uniform. Pre-primed and easy to install, Scyon™ Axon™ cladding is a pristine look that lasts.

Easylap™ panel

Easylap™ panel is a strong fibre cement base sheet with a shiplap vertical joint. It’s finished with a site-applied roll-on textured acrylic paint to create a rendered look with a subtle vertical joint.

HardieFlex™ sheet

HardieFlex™ sheet is a smooth, flat fibre cement sheet that is painted on-site to create a flat panel look.

HardiePlank™ weatherboard

HardiePlank™ is a no-fuss, site-painted weatherboard available in a range of different profiles, from traditional to contemporary. Smooth to Woodgrain finishes.

HardieTex™ blue board system

Strong base sheets that are designed to be acrylic render coated with colour and texture, giving a beautiful rendered look without the need for masonry

Linea™ Weatherboards - Fibre Cement Weatherboards

Scyon™ Linea™ weatherboard is the thickest fibre cement weatherboard available. The deep shadow lines for a premium look.

PanelClad® sheet

PanelClad® is a pre-textured, site-painted sheet in a Stucco finish.

PineRidge® lining

A timber-textured woodgrain sheet lining, designed to be painted onsite.

Stria™ Cladding - Fibre Cement Shiplap Boards

A range of cladding that features a horizontal ship-lapped joint. Pre-primed and easy to install, Stria™ cladding is the fast way to achieve a timeless and classic look that endures.

Versilux® lining

A flat sheet with square edges for butt joints. Sanded smooth and pre-sealed, Versilux lining is a flat surface that is site-painted to create a panellised look.

Villaboard® lining

Designed for Bathrooms. A seamless flat, internal wall or ceiling lining that can be painted, wallpapered or partly/fully tiled to create a wide range of design looks.