A compact boundary wall solution.

A cost effective wall solution for new or existing townhouses, terraces and detached buildings in close proximity to the boundary or located in any bushfire prone area.

Maximise speed of construction.

HardieSmart™ Boundary Wall System is a high performance, composite wall system that is up to 45% more compact than a standard brick veneer boundary wall. Plus, it is up to 30% faster to install than alternative fire-rated plasterboard boundary solutions.

Floor space maximiser.

For every 10 lineal metres of HardieSmart™ Boundary Wall System, you gain up to 1.25m² of floor space.# This delivers a significant saving in usable land space while maximising property value. Find out just how much you can save here.

Versatile looks.

HardieSmart™ Boundary Wall System also comes with the good looks and versatility of James Hardie® cement composite products, as most James Hardie internal linings and external claddings may be used.

Simple design

HardieSmart™ Boundary Wall System is an alternative to brick, aerated concrete and other options that involve multiple components. By removing excess material and trades, HardieSmart™ Boundary Wall System simplifies construction and gives you a complete system with all James Hardie components covered by the one product warranty.**

System Information.

  Fire Resistance Level (FRL): 60/60/60 minutes
  Thermal Performance (Total R-value): 2.0 - 2.4
  Acoustic Performance (Rw): 47
  Structural Bracing (kN/m): 4.0 - 10


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Certified and compliant system - Building Code of Australia

Note that the above performance values may vary, please refer to the latest HardieSmart™ Boundary Wall System Design Guide for more information.

For design guides and compliance documentation relating to the previous version of HardieSmart™ Boundary Wall System, contact James Hardie on 13 11 03. 

# Compared to a standard brick veneer wall of 230mm in wall thickness.
** Terms and conditions apply and does not cover installation.