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A little about the Scyon Formulation

James Hardie's Scyon Formulation is an innovative evolution of fibre cement. A technology allowing fibre cement boards, sheets and trims to be beautiful and easy to build with.

The low density formulation means the Scyon product range can be 16mm thick for compelling cladding profiles and weatherboards with luxurious deep shadow lines. Conventional fibre cement is limited to around 9mm before it's too difficult to nail.

The beauty is more than skin-deep. The Scyon formulation helps simplify and speed up construction. Scyon Flooring, for example, makes bathroom construction easier. The 19mm sheets weigh just 24.5 kilos per square meter. They have convenient tongue and groove joins and are ready to be gun-nailed. Hardie's old-fashioned alternative HardiePanel Compressed 18mm flooring weighs a back-breaking 32 kgs / m2 and needs to be drilled and screwed.

Check out the James Hardie's premium Scyon Formulation range of fibre cement below.

All Scyon boards and sheets are pre-primed or pre-sealed to save time or increase performance.

Each sheet and board product has its own range of sizes or profiles. To assist product selection, here's a description of the ranges within the range.

Board products are all 4200mm long. Scyon Linea Weatherboards come in 180mm or 150mm widths. Stria Cladding shiplap boards come in 3 different widths, with "Splayed" product having a slightly different profile with a beveled edge for a more casual look. Stria cladding boards can be oriented vertically for a deep groove vertical look. There's a separate installation manual for this orientation.

Although it has the look of tongue and groove vertical joint boards, Axon Cladding comes in 1200mm wide sheets. There a three styles. Two with 133mm groove spacing in either a smooth or wood grain texure. The third has 400mm groove spacing and a smooth texture. Axon sheets are available in common wall heights from 2450mm up to 3600mm to reduce cutting and wastage.

Matrix Cladding boards come in 4 sizes which are all 10mm under typical sizes to allow for the 10mm geometric express joint. These sheets can be oriented vertically or horizontally to create a range of square, rectangular or brick patterns. They can also be cut down for an extra level of creative arrangement. These must be installed over Scyon cavity trims which also become the base of the vertical grooves. The James Hardie backing strip becomes the surface behind the vertical grooves (make sure it's installed the right way up).

Axent Trims are like fibre cement versions of decorative pine trims. They're useful for window trims and for an external corner cladding details. They weather a lot better than pine trim and keep their appearance for longer.

There are two Secura Flooring products. One for interior floor substrates such as bathrooms and one for exterior floor substrates such as tiled balconies. They come in 19mm thickness to span 450mm joist centres and 22mm thickness to span 600mm joists. Secura interior flooring can be installed one side up for tiles or the other side up for vinyl without the need for a vinyl underlay.

The Scyon formulation is patented and owned by James Hardie Pty Ltd. It was invented in the research and development facility at James Hardie Rosehill, NSW Australia.

When installed and maintained correctly, in accordance with James Hardie's published manuals at the time of installation, James Hardie warrants its products to be resistant to rotting, fire, impact, moisture damage and termites.