Clothed in Classic Cladding

Cladding is a building’s weatherproof skin. Use it to clothe your home in the right textures and colours to achieve the look you want.

Featured Look Modern Homes

Featured Look

Modern Homes

Boring face brick veneer homes with hip roofs are increasingly unpopular. Home owners don’t want their homes to look dated in ten years’ time. They want contemporary homes with bold, clean lines and diverse designs.

A view of open balcony with ground floor extensions

Ground Floor Extensions

Well planned ground floor additions bring families together in internal open plan living areas and outdoor rooms.

A wide shot of a modern living room and a kitchen with Axon Cladding lines installed on the wall

Clean Uninterrupted Lines

The maximum sheet height of Axon Cladding 133mm smooth increased from 3000mm to 3600mm.

Bathroom walls with Villaboard installed

Bathroom Peace of Mind

When waterproofing fails Hardie Villaboard won’t. Future-proof with James Hardie’s Villaboard.

A two-storey-house with hamptons style

Upper Floor Extensions

Building up to add extra bedrooms and bathrooms creates an opportunity to capture light, breeze and views.

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