Supplier Code of Conduct

James Hardie recognises that our global supply chain network (the Network) can have a wide-ranging impact beyond our own operations. James Hardie is committed to the sustainable and ethical procurement of products and services and continuous improvement to minimize the environmental and social impacts associated with our Network. The James Hardie Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) sets out the principles, standards and expectations that we expect our own employees as well as our suppliers including their employees, personnel, agents and subcontractors (collectively referred to as suppliers) to support, embrace and adhere to.

Because our suppliers are a critical part of our Network, it is essential that they conduct their business in an ethical, legal and responsible manner and work to reduce potential supply chain disruptions.

Code of Conduct

Whilst conducting business with or on behalf of James Hardie, suppliers are expected to adhere to this Code and the applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which they operate.

Safety and Health.

Our suppliers shall:

  • Hold Zero Harm as a core value, promote a safe workplace and drive continuous improvements to improve the safety of and reduce harm to their workforce.

  • Comply with all relevant workplace health and safety laws, codes and regulations.

  • Support an environment where workers are encouraged to raise health and safety concerns.

  • Ensure and document that workers are appropriately trained to perform the tasks to which they are assigned and ensure the use of appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • Report and act on all incidents, regardless of severity.

  • Have processes in place to aid in the reporting, management, monitoring and prevention of incidents.

  • Ensure workspaces and amenities for workers are clean, safe and meet their basic needs.

Environment and Sustainability

Our suppliers shall:

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and standards and ensure adherence to environmental permits and compliance obligations.

  • Strive to reduce environmental impacts including the reduction of emissions to air, water and land.

  • Continually strive to reduce waste and drive increased efficiencies in the use of natural resources.

  • Strive to minimise the impact of its products and activities on biodiversity, climate change and water scarcity.

  • Strive to ensure the sustainability of their supply chain networks.

  • Strive to ensure any forest products used by the supplier have been responsibly and legally sourced with a strong preference for those receiving third-party certifications or from low-risk plantations.

Social and Working Conditions

Our suppliers shall:

  • Comply with minimum employment age limits as defined by the International Labour Organisation conventions and prohibit child labour in their supply chain networks.

  • Adhere to Modern Slavery regulations as well as prohibit in their own organisation and work to eliminate in their supply chain networks the use of any illegal, forced, bonded, or involuntary labour.

  • Not require workers to surrender government-issued identification (such as a passport) as a condition of employment.

  • Not require workers to exceed prevailing local work hours.

  • Protect the human rights of their own workforce and those employed in their supply chain networks, treating each individual with dignity and respect, including through the support of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Recognize that their workforce is entitled to certain international rights including the freedom of movement, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

  • Ensure that their workforce receives at least the minimum wage required by local law, including legally mandated benefits, and ensure the workforce is paid in a timely manner.

  • Treat their workforce fairly and provide a workplace that is free of discrimination (regardless of whether on grounds of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, disability, age, sexual identity, political leaning or involvement in a trade union), harassment, abuse or intimidation.

  • Avoid sourcing from organisations or individuals associated with illegal activities, human rights abuses or terrorism and comply with applicable laws and regulations related to conflict resources or conflict minerals.

Legal Compliance and Business Integrity

Our suppliers shall:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and strive to adhere to internationally recognised standards and best practices including avoiding conflicts of interest and promoting and maintaining fair competition.

  • Comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and strive to eliminate bribery and corruption in their supply chain networks.

  • Not participate in the use of facilitation payments (payments to speed up routine actions), secret commissions, kickbacks, money laundering or payments to secure preferential advantage.

  • Not offer inappropriate gifts or inappropriate entertainment to James Hardie employees.

  • Honour all business arrangements and obligations and manage any unforeseen situations in a proactive, open and timely manner.

  • Maintain books and records that reflect all transactions in an accurate, honest, and timely way and utilize appropriate audit and compliance processes.

  • Not share or use for any purpose, including market trading, any material non-public information acquired while doing business with James Hardie.

  • Not disclose or use any of James Hardie’s intellectual property, including trade secrets or confidential information, unless specifically authorized and will take all actions to comply with applicable intellectual property and data protection laws.

  • Report any concerns

Download Code of Conduct

Download a copy of the James Hardie Code of Conduct

Raising a Concern

James Hardie expects its employees and suppliers to have high ethical standards in the performance of their duties and to observe all laws and regulations. James Hardie believes that unethical, inappropriate or illegal behaviour should not go unreported.

Should you have concerns related to unethical, inappropriate or illegal behaviour of James Hardie employees or suppliers, James Hardie encourage you to report this to our Ethics Hotline so the matter can be dealt with appropriately.

The ethics hotline is an independent and confidential service and you can choose to remain anonymous. Our ethics hotline policy including toll free numbers can be accessed here.