Supplier Code of Conduct

We recognise that our global supply chain network can have a wide-ranging impact beyond our own operations. We are committed to the sustainable and ethical procurement of products and services. The James Hardie Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the principles, standards, and expectations that we hold for our own employees as well as our suppliers including their employees, personnel, agents, and subcontractors to support, embrace and adhere to.

Because our suppliers are a critical part of our network, it is essential that they conduct their business in an ethical, legal, and responsible manner. We acknowledge that minimizing the environmental and social impacts of and in our supply chain is a continuous improvement process.

Code of Conduct

The James Hardie is committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights standards as outlined in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. The Code includes the following sections:

Safety & Health

We expect that all working environments prioritise the physical and psychological safety of workers and visitors.

Environment & Sustainability

We expect that the air, water, land, and biodiversity are protected and not harmed.

Social & Working Conditions

We expect that all workers are treated with dignity and respect and that their human rights are upheld. This includes, among other elements, requiring is no forced labour or child labour in supplier operations.


We expect that communities and community members are respected.

Legal Compliance & Business Integrity

We expect that all business is conducted in an ethical manner, following all laws with integrity.

Download Code of Conduct

Download a copy of the James Hardie Code of Conduct

Raising a Concern

James Hardie expects its employees and suppliers to have high ethical standards in the performance of their duties and to observe all laws and regulations. James Hardie believes that unethical, inappropriate or illegal behaviour should not go unreported.

Should you have concerns related to unethical, inappropriate or illegal behaviour of James Hardie employees or suppliers, James Hardie encourage you to report this to our Ethics Hotline so the matter can be dealt with appropriately.

The ethics hotline is an independent and confidential service and you can choose to remain anonymous. Our ethics hotline policy including toll free numbers can be accessed here.