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Understanding Facade Fire Compliance

Following several fire tragedies caused by the use of highly flammable cladding, fire safety has become a major concern for Australian builders and construction professionals. Against the backdrop of increasingly stringent building regulation, it is critical for professionals to meet growing demands for fire safety and performance through careful specification of non-combustible cladding products.

To understand how the NCC determines façade fire compliance pathways and how using Fibre Cement cladding can achieve compliance, DOWNLOAD THIS WHITEPAPER.


A fire safe, compliant, Deemed-to-Satisfy façade solution from James Hardie

The James Hardie façade solution, not only ticks the boxes as a NCC Deemed-to-Satisfy solution but it has also been extensively tested at James Hardie’s state-of-the-art R&D facility and other accredited laboratories. Our CodeMark™ certificate certifies the full wall system is fit for purpose on the day of construction and the life of the building. This means it performs on a number of layers:

  • Non-combustible cladding
  • Superior long term durability
  • Thermal and moisture management
  • Wind and weather proof
  • Full system testing and warranty

For an easy to understand guide on the façade fire compliance pathways and how James Hardie provides a superior solution that goes above the basic needs for a compliant façade solution, DOWNLOAD THIS INFOGRAPHIC.


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