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Following several fire tragedies caused by the use of highly flammable cladding, fire safety has become a major concern for Australian builders and construction professionals. Against the backdrop of increasingly stringent building regulation, it is critical for professionals to meet growing demands for fire safety and performance through careful specification of fire safe and non-combustible cladding products when replacing combustible materials.

Compliant facades with James Hardie

Each recladding and remediation project is unique and complex, with many factors for consideration. James Hardie provides simple and affordable solutions that have been approved by industry experts to satisfy the requirements of the NCC. James Hardie can also assist with providing solutions that comply with local regulations and specific project requirements.

James Hardie’s external cladding products are made from fibre cement, deemed non-combustible in accordance with NCC Clause C1.9. Our large variety of external cladding can achieve various finishes including rendered, expressed joint and panelised looks to ensure the architectural integrity of the project is retained. James Hardie provides expert assistance to resolve key challenges presented by recladding projects, including helping you identify the appropriate product to deliver the wall system performance required for the individual project and, guidance on relevant framing, junction and detailing considerations. James Hardie will also provide any required compliance documentation to certifiers, engineers and regulatory bodies.

James Hardie is here to partner with you and take the complexity out of your recladding project.

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Partnering with us on a Reclad

James Hardie offers a range of helpful services, products and finishes that will satisfy the non-combustibility requirements of the NCC. We are here to be a trusted partner when navigating the complex process of a reclad project. We offer:

  • Expert technical support through James Hardie Engineering Solutions team, including documentation and detailing of complex aspects of a recladding project such as connection to windows, balustrades, other walls and doors.

  • Guidance on product compliance with NCC and BCA requirements.*

  • Onsite technical support through our local representatives.

  • Onsite product training through our local representatives.

  • Certified external wall systems with the appropriate documentation.

*Note: It is the responsibility of the project engineer to ensure that the use of any James Hardie product, in the project, is suitable for the application in which it is intended to be used and that the product is compliant with the relevant requirements of the NCC/BCA in the application in which it is intended to be used. James Hardie is not responsible for determining the compliance of its products in a particular application.