Take the headache out of a reclad with James Hardie Cladding.

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As the market has moved away from using Aluminium Composite Panels given their fire safety risk, James Hardie’s ExoTec™ façade panel and system has been a go to solution for cladding that is suitable for non-combustible construction.

With this project there was a desire to mimic the same express wall design as ACP using compressed fibre cement cladding. 9mm ExoTec™ façade panel and system was chosen as the solution giving them a straight forward replacement cladding material.

The old cladding was simply taken off with replacement top hats and sisalation added to the subsystem and the ExoTec panels installed over the top.  The cladding panels were site painted giving you the vibrant result as seen here. IMG_0962-scaled-e1602043069695


For more information on how James Hardie can assist with your project, read our Recladding with James Hardie Supplement here:
James Hardie Recladding Technical Supplement James Hardie offers a range of helpful services, products and finishes that will satisfy the non-combustibility requirements of the NCC. We are here to be a trusted partner when navigating the complex process of a reclad project.

  • Expert technical support through James Hardie Engineering Solutions team, including documentation and detailing of complex aspects of a recladding project such as connection to windows, balustrades, other walls and doors.
  • Guidance on product compliance with NCC and BCA requirements.*
  • Onsite technical support through our local representatives.
  • Onsite product training through our local representatives.
  • Certified external wall systems with the appropriate documentation.

*Note: It is the responsibility of the project engineer to ensure that the use of any James Hardie product, in the project, is suitable for the application in which it is intended to be used and that the product is compliant with the relevant requirements of the NCC/BCA in the application in which it is intended to be used. James Hardie is not responsible for determining the compliance of its products in a particular application.

For more information and support with your recladding projects, contact James Hardie on 13 11 03 or go to to request a call back.

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