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Resistant to impacts and damage from moisture.

Fibre cement Internal linings are a durable and stable alternative to plasterboard and grooved MDF. Fibre cement wall sheets provide interior design versatility, while Villaboard sheets can be painted, wall-papered or tiled to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish. Villaboard sheets also have the advantage of featuring a rebated long edge which require a set joint to create long, seamless walls. James Hardie HardieGroove panels create the look of painted vertical joint timber paneling without the hassle of natural timber, which can shrink, swell and warp leading to cracked paint.

HardieGroove has a smooth texture and the sheet joints cleverly blend in thanks to half-grooves on the long edges. To achieve a panelised look using a selection of PVC jointers Versilux sheets are used, this eliminates the need for extra trades to set joints and lowers the time and cost of construction. James Hardie provides a large range of interior lining products and cladding products which can be used internally, resulting in simple and complete design freedom for inspirational internal wall cladding ideas. James Hardie wall paneling is commonly used in new home construction, renovations and extensions as well as in high-rise and commercial buildings. Being lightweight with the ease of being installed direct to frame, James Hardie’s internal linings are also used for ceilings, eaves and soffits.

James Hardie's Fibre Cement (FC) internal linings are known for their durability. They're resistant to termites, fire rot and damage from moisture. They're ideal for wet areas such as a laundries, kitchens, ensuite bathrooms and main bathrooms excluding shower recesses. FC wall lining are a great solution for high-traffic areas, such as corridors in places like a schools or hospitals where it's essential for walls to deal with bumps and knocks without getting damaged or breaking. 6mm Villaboard is typically used in detached homes, whereas the thicker 9mm and 12mm fibre cement sheets are used in medium density town houses, high-rise residential, retail and commercial applications. HardieGroove is used where the look of natural timber or plywood interior wall lining is required but the durability properties of fibre cement are prioritized.

If you haven't found the look you want in this interior linings range you can also consider bringing James Hardie's external cladding range indoors. Axon cladding is a vertically grooved fibre cement sheet which can be used as an alternative to HardieGroove lining. Axon cladding's grooves are slightly wider apart (133mm instead of 100mm) and the wide groove has a more subtle shadow line than the V-groove of HardieGroove. If you want an internal wall with calming horizontal lines choose from the range of Stria cladding shiplap boards.