Ground Floor Extensions

Renovation ground floor extensions are the most common type of addition. Fibre cement cladding enables modern design, open plan living and extra floor space.

Ground Floor Extensions

Ground floor extensions are twice as common as upper floor additions.

Pushing out works only if there’s available yard space. Floor space can be added starting with a slab on flat ground or on pilings on a sloping site. Fibre cement cladding is on-frame allowing the construction of high performance walls with a width of just 100mm saving up to 130mm of floor space compared with brick veneer cladding which needs to sit on a slab.

You don’t have to renovate with the same style or materials as your home was originally designed for. Who want’s more small, stuffy and dark rooms? It’s common to have renovation additions done in a modern materials and in a contemporary style which encourages light, breeze, open plan living and alfresco dining areas. While the front of the home may have a heritage feel the back can be in a modern style. James Hardie cladding products on-frame which prompts opportunities for a modern design. While it’s important not to over-capitalize, you should consider the needs of your family over resale value. Renovate your home so it’s a sanctuary. A safe and warm space to rejuvenate from a busy modern life. Make a place you love to come home to and include some design variation. Building the same as everyone else can actually hurt the resale value.

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