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Single Storey New Homes

Well designed one storey homes can benefit from abundant natural light and open plan living spaces that seamlessly connect with outdoor rooms.

Single Storey Street Appeal

Single storey homes are cheaper and faster to build than double storey homes, but they require more land. People commonly choose single story homes for their life stage or accessibility. Those building forever homes, elderly and families with young children want designs without stairs. Single level homes can be good for keeping families connected with each other, as opposed to double storey homes where children have their own living area upstairs.

Heating and cooling is also cheaper and more efficient with a single storey home. They’re easier to clean too. Vacuum cleaners don’t ‘have to be dragged up and down stairs and gutters aren’t dangerously high. Single storey homes have a smaller façade area and risk making an unimaginative contribution to streetscapes. Especially with the narrowing of lot sizes. The problem is that double garages dominate and little can be done with just the front room and entry way that remain. Dull designs have little more than a hip roof, rendered walls and a portico over the entry way.

More adventurous homes adopt a distinct styles such as:

  • The Hamptons look. A gable roof, weatherboard cladding, front veranda and ornate sconce lighting and fretwork.
  • Mid century modern look. A flat or gently sloping skillion or gable roof with large windows and some natural textures or a pop of daring colour.
  • Modern coastal look. A shed or skillion roof with a single slope with a large protective overhang, weatherboards and veranda prompting and outdoor lifestyle.
  • Scandi barn look. This bold style combines a steeply pitched gable roof, timber-style fibre cement cladding and black and white colour palette.

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