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Upper Floor Extensions

Renovation upper floor extensions are typically done in lightweight construction materials so the original structure carries less weight. Fibre cement enables a diverse range of Looks for amazing transformations.

Upper Floor Extensions

Upper level extensions are predominantly built with timber frames and cladding. This style of construction is efficient to build, requires less costly structural support than heavy brick veneer and provides many design options for a modern makeover.

Home owners can choose roof lines and cladding styles to create a range of looks to transform an outdated home. Linea Weatherboards and a gabled roof can create a Hamptons style look. Matrix or Stria cladding can hide a flat roof behind a parapet wall to create a modern look.

Upper storey additions are around 25% more expensive per square meter than ground floor additions. But they don’t sacrifice yard space and if extending up provides access to pleasant views and cooling breezes then the extra expense is well worth it.

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