5 Rules For Creating a Modern Coastal Look


With sweeping shorelines, idyllic inlets and some of the most iconic beaches in the world, it’s no wonder Australia’s coastline is a muse for one of the most desirable interior design trends.

Modern coastal style mimics the natural beauty of the coastline with soothing colour palettes, organic textures, plenty of open and airy spaces, and comforting ocean-inspired vignettes. Add a few nautical embellishments, and you’ve got a bright and breezy hideaway that mingles the elegance of the Hamptons with the tranquillity of the seaside.

If you, like many homeowners, are chomping at the bit to recreate modern Australian coastal style in your home, here are five rules to get the look right.


Soothing, natural and ambient is the mood you’re going for in a modern coastal home, so sticking to a simple colour palette is essential. White is a hallmark colour of modern coastal style as it spreads natural light and works beautifully with other ocean-inspired tones. Creams and beiges are excellent accent tones, while you can’t go wrong with muddy greens and muted blues that work to bring the colours of the ocean into the home.

linea-moderncoastal-glennhaven-TBRphoto-jameshardie_3_wstqrkSubtle colours like white, beige, grey and soft greens creating a calming coastal look.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere is the goal of modern coastal style. Use subtle whites, greys or beiges on your exterior walls, trimming and roof to achieve this, while more exciting greens and blues can be used for interior accents.


The exterior design scheme of a coastal style home is just as important as the interior. Remember that the idea of modern coastal style is to mimic the coastline, making horizontal lines your best option. Horizontal weatherboard has long been a favourite feature of contemporary coastal homes as the horizontal lines encapsulate the shape of the horizon and the timber adds a coveted textural element.

If you’re concerned about Australia’s harsh climate wreaking havoc on your exterior weatherboard, a cement composite alternative such as Linea™ weatherboard or Stria™ cladding is a better option. The horizontal boards look the same as traditional timber cladding, but the advanced cement composite makes your exterior resistant to heat, moisture damage and salt erosion. What’s more, Linea weatherboard and Stria cladding products come pre-primed so you can paint them just about any colour!


Modern coastal homes blur the line between indoors and outdoors by embracing as much natural light and outdoor living space as possible. Create a light, bright and airy retreat with full windows, skylights, bi-fold doors or even an outdoor room. If you’re designing a new home from scratch, extending your interior living space with an outdoor room will not only flood your home with warm natural light but also inspire a deeper connection with nature.

linea-moderncoastal-glennhaven-TBRphoto-jameshardie_20_ffcpzaModern coastal homes embrace indoor-outdoor living with bi-fold doors that create a seamless transition.

Continue the trend of horizontal lines in your outdoor room with Linea weatherboard or Stria cladding. Horizontal cladding is essential in an outdoor room as it creates a continual flow between the indoors and the outdoors.


From flooring materials to artwork and décor, the more texture you can add in a modern coastal home the better. Textural elements not only remind us of sand, shells and other coastal comforts, but they add intrigue to a home and evoke that element of nature. Embrace rustic hardwood flooring, bleached timber furniture, jute floor rugs, shell ornaments, cane furnishings, and driftwood accessories to encapsulate those cool coastal vibes.

linea-moderncoastal-glennhaven-TBRphoto-jameshardie_38_vd4gmcEmbrace the modern coastal look by blending natural textures.

If you want to add even more interest to your interior, add additional layering with wall panelling or interior cladding such as Stria or Axon™ cladding interior systems.


It wouldn’t be a modern coastal style home without a few nautical nods to the Hamptons. Remember that modern coastal style décor calls for restraint, so mingle a few coastal collectables such as coral, recycled glass vases and lanterns with touches of Hamptons style elegance such as Ming vases, jute baskets and plush cushions. And for the piece de resistance, add a textural wow factor with a rustic beaded chandelier.

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