Dream Home: A Beachfront Hamptons Sanctuary

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The Hamptons look is synonymous with a relaxed coastal lifestyle. With beautiful beaches and a warmer climate, Australia is the perfect setting for a coastal-inspired Hamptons home. We chatted with Simone Georgette from The Beach Lounge about how she created her dream coastal-Hamptons home with Evermore Homes.


“It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to own a beach house. Our goal was always to build something new that still looked timeless and traditional. In my view, the Hamptons and coastal looks are like peas in a pod. They just work well together.”

Simon says it’s been her lifelong dream to own a beach house! Her coastal-Hamptons home by the water is her forever home and sanctuary.


“I had a fairly clear picture in my mind of what I wanted to build—I wanted a traditional-looking single-level beach house.

This is where I started. I sketched three or four different floor plans, made a mood board and gathered a heap of Pinterest images. I took all this to my builder, Evermore Homes, and their in-house designer drew up plans. We changed up the plans a few times until I was 110% happy. The hardest part was trying to keep things simple but add all the details of the Hamptons-coastal look.

We had many meetings with the Evermore team and just threw ideas around. I changed my mind on things more than a few times. They were so amazing though and never pressured me or forced ideas onto me. Our building process took about 7-8 months. We were lucky with the weather and it was such a great experience. I made sure I was on site at least one day every week. Even though we had a building supervisor, I wanted to make sure all the details were done right because it was my dream home!”

Simone collected images, created mood boards and Pinterest boards to share her coastal-Hamptons inspiration with her designers at Evermore Homes.


“When I hear the word “Hamptons” I immediately think “coastal.” The traditional Hamptons-look is quite structured and luxe, so I wanted my home to be a more relaxed take on that look.

Essentially I wanted to take that “feeling” of a seaside Hamptons home, and mix it up with a more relaxed Australian coastal vibe.

To do this, we took aspects of the Hamptons design and gave them an “Australian twist.” For example, we integrated white framed windows against dark grey external cladding but added roll-down blinds to protect us from the summer sun. When I envisioned what my house would look like I envisioned lots of cladding for that classic look!

An open plan layout was essential. I wanted the main area of the house to be like one big room that opened seamlessly to the outdoors with loads of natural light. High ceilings throughout was a must, as was a cathedral ceiling in the kitchen with exposed beams. It had to feel relaxed yet a little bit luxe.”

The “Hamptons” look is synonymous with a coastal look and beachside lifestyle, making it the perfect look for the Australian beach.


“Let’s face facts. Scyon Linea™ weatherboard screams out the Coastal/Hamptons look. It can be painted any colour. It can take our harsh coastal conditions here in Australia. It’s easy to install and you can choose a width. It really makes such an impact to our home!”

“Scyon Linea weatherboard screams Coastal/Hamptons,” says Simone, ensuring Linea weatherboard was the obvious choice for her beachside home.


“My husband always says, “you can’t tick every box” but I would disagree on this occasion. I suppose there are always little things I would have changed if I could about my home, but I think that’s normal.

The street appeal is amazing. We have had so many people stop out front and ask us about the house! We absolutely love the home and spend as much time as we can enjoying it.”

Kicking back and relaxing: Simone and her family say they spend as much time enjoying their dream coastal-Hamptons home as they can.


  • Keep it simple.
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Use aspects of Hamptons architecture and design but keep it real for where you live.

Build and design by Evermore Homes.

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