Dream Home: Not Your Average Queensland Family Home


When Nick O’Shea was planning the build of his Queensland family home, one of his main priorities was to build a home with street appeal that he could be proud of. He wanted a home that worked with the sloping block to maximise views, and a home that would show off the more adventurous side of his personality. The answer? A contemporary, abstract design that utilises bold colours and a combination of cladding to put a modern twist on the classic Queensland family home. Below, Nick shares his story.


“People say you don’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of a house you do. The outside of the house is crucial to setting up the style and look that will flow inside. Street appeal is one of the things most home owners are ‘proud’ of.

I wanted a home that would be a unique design that demanded street appeal.”


“I would describe this home as a modern, contemporary design. We used hints of Scyon™ Linea™ to tie it in with the surrounding post-war, Queenslander homes. It was important to us that we had a home that stood out but also worked in harmony with the look of the surrounding suburbs. Using a combination of mixed materials allowed us to achieve this.

I think the different looks of the exterior cladding we chose, and the different orientations of the cladding helps define the breaks in the design, adding the abstract look of the home

I LOVE the variety of the Scyon™ products we used and how the colours of each product change as the house rolls down the hill.

“I LOVE the variety of the Scyon™ products we used and how the colours of each product change as the house rolls down the hill.”


“I think the various split levels and living spaces allowed us to add a lot of really nice stepped sections to the façade which definitely makes this home more dynamic. Because the house was on a corner, we had the opportunity to stretch the façade down the side of the house, creating a unique style and curbside appeal from all angles!

There were a few modern-style houses being built at the same time as ours, so I felt it was important to have a point of difference. That’s why we chose the different types of cladding and more bold colours.”

“It’s important to come home to a place that you feel you’re connected to.”


“I think all of the Scyon products work so well together. Some products like the Linea weatherboard or the Scyon™ Matrix™ look good for ‘longer’ parts of the façade, while the other products accentuate ‘shorter’ features where we have steps in the design.

Using a combination of Scyon™ products along with bold parapets was the key to creating a contemporary, abstract façade.”

The different looks and orientations of the Scyon cladding help differentiate parts of the facade and create a stand-out home.


“I love the bold look of the home! The vibrant colours and bold shapes show our fun and adventurous side, which is important to us.

Your home is where the heart is. It’s important to come home to a place that you feel you’re connected to.”


  • Take photos of the houses you like and bring them to your builder or designer and point out the things you like. A picture paints a thousand words.
  • Don’t use too many products – pick the ones you like and choose the areas they will best suit best.
  • Stick to similar colours – use half or quarter strengths of a colour to find a point of difference rather than choosing two types of greys for example that may not work together.
  • Don’t make it too busy… choose your features and don’t over complicate them.

Nick believes it’s important to come home to a place you feel connected to. Get your look, your way.

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