Expert Panel: Tips for Getting the Modernist Look


People say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but what about when it comes to your home? Truth is, most passersby will never step foot inside, which is exactly why the exterior of your house matters more than you might think. The outside of your home should be a reflection of what’s hidden inside, emulative of your unique taste and style. We consult a panel of experts to find out how you can create a bold, modern façade without compromising personality.


The owner of a modernist marvel in Brisbane’s southern suburbs, John Bicanic dived headfirst into the renovation game when he decided to makeover a 1970’s brick home. Apart from wanting to create a “fabulous family home,” as he describes it, John had always desired a cubist-style home.

“We wanted a modern design, something simple and clean,’ he explains. John envisioned sharp angles and geometric shapes. He says the square edges and straight lines of the Scyon™ Stria™ combined with metal cladding products achieved the look he was after.

“We love it! Scyon Stria creates symmetry that gives the home a refined look and adds to the simplicity and overall concept of the design. The straight horizontal lines complement the vertical metal cladding and the render finish.” mixed-materials-panel-modernist-look-scyon-homeowner


Best friends and busy mums, Three Birds Renovations have successfully grown a renovation empire with nothing more than self-taught knowledge and business savvy. With six projects under their belt and more on the way, it’s safe to say these ladies know a thing or two about renovating.

Their renovation of a run-down fibro shack proved a challenge for The Birds claiming, “most developers would have chosen to detonate rather than renovate.” However, they were determined to prove you don’t need to start from scratch to build your dream home both affordably and fast. Whilst the house looked like a classic cottage from the front, the building’s rear gave the home a modern feel. To achieve this look, Three Birds built a small box extension using Scyon Stria. According to The Birds, the key to giving the extension a modern look was to run the cladding vertically, paint it a dark colour and conceal the gutters for a sharp edge. three-birds-modernist-scyon-extension-mixed-materials


With decades of experience and knowledge, Inform Building Group are a leading name in the Brisbane construction industry. Kristy and Michael founded the operation on the belief that Brisbane families deserved better quality homes, delivered on budget and on time. The pair pride themselves on working with homeowners and families to deliver unique, personal creations, in other words, the owners ‘dream home.’

Kristy lives by the mantra “less is more.” Famously said by the Bauhaus architect and director Mies van der Robe, she believes this sentiment is as relevant today as it was then. To create a modernist façade, Kristy explains it’s essential that you don’t over complicate the design and allow the form of the building to compliment materials you build with. “Materials such as Scyon Linea™ and Scyon Axon™ are amazing cladding options that add texture as well as clean sophisticated lines to the exterior of a building,” she says. To give your home some personality, Kristy suggests using contrasting colours and lines (i.e. black/white and vertical/horizontal lines) for a bold, modern design that is sure to make heads turn inform-building-mixed-materials

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