Five Reasons to Choose Timeless Hamptons Style

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Hamptons style has taken the world of interior design by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. Easy elegance, calming colour palettes and laidback luxury speak to just about everyone’s interior tastes. Inspired by the stunning architecture of Long Island’s premier holiday destination, the Hamptons, this classic coastal decorating style fits in seamlessly with Australia’s rugged coastline and love of relaxed indoor and outdoor living.

If you’re contemplating creating Hamptons style in your home, here are five reasons why this interior design trend is a timeless one.


Hamptons style calls for a classic look with a relaxed feel, and Australians can’t get enough. Our love of the great outdoors and a relaxing abode to call home is the foundation of Australian family living. If you’ve seen one too many nautical motifs and shells make you cringe, Hamptons style is the understated coastal elegance you’ve been looking for.

hardiedeck-on-bonnies-house__1_ Three Birds Renovations bring the Hamptons coastal look to the country with a resort-style outdoor area.


Kerb appeal is high on the list of priorities when creating a Hamptons style home as you really want to create a serious wow factor. A white weatherboard exterior is the hallmark of Hamptons style as the subtle lines and cool colours invoke instant coastal vibes. While traditional Hamptons homes call for timber panelling, Australia’s harsh climate and year-round sunshine make this a big no-no. A cement composite alternative such as Linea™ Weatherboard from the Scyon™ Walls range by James Hardie is much better suited to the Australian climate with its fire, termite and moisture-resistant properties. While still retaining the look of traditional weatherboard minus the expensive upkeep, you can rest assured your home will retain a timeless Hamptons elegance.

fremantle-renovation-pool Linea™ Weatherboard is the perfect way to adapt the Hamptons look to an Australian setting. Resistant to moisture damage, termites and fire, it’s a durable and stylish choice.


Another reason why the world is so in love with Hamptons style is its proximity to two other popular interior design trends: country and coastal. Country and coastal interior design trends are beloved as they marry comforting elements such as natural textures, lived-in linens, homely colour palettes and elegant accents. These elements are mirrored in a Hamptons style scheme along with contemporary exterior embellishments such as the exterior cladding range by James Hardie. So whether you’re living in a cosy country home or rustic coastal abode, the Hamptons trend will merge with either style seamlessly three-birds Bonnie’s from Three Birds Renovations describes her dream home as a mix between a coastal and a farmhouse look.


Hamptons style highlights Australia’s love of the great outdoors with seamless indoor/outdoor living. To create year-round resort-style living, Hamptons style homes can include a separate outdoor building such as a pool house or gazebo, or a large indoor/outdoor room connected to the kitchen and/or living room. An indoor/outdoor room is a highly valuable space in a Hamptons style home as it highlights another important aspect of Hamptons living, which is an abundance of natural light.

linea-weatherboard-on-bonnies-dream-home-1 Every Hamptons home needs a space for where the outdoors can flow in – and a day bed of course!


The timelessness of Hamptons style lies in its elegant colour palette. To create a modern masterpiece, it’s recommended to stick to a neutral colour palette with whites, creams, greys, blues, and linen tones. Blues, whites and greys are commonplace on a Hamptons exterior and work well to bring a sense of grandeur that is intrinsically Hamptons style.

natalee-bowen-hamptons-_-scyon-walls-3 A palette of white, blue and cream will bring your Hamptons home to life. Soften the look with natural textures like jute and cane.

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