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Achieving the classic, coastal style that Hamptons homes are synonymous with should be simple. However, it helps to know where to start when there is a plethora of colours and materials to choose from. Here, we ask four experts for their top tips and guidelines when it comes to creating your dream Hamptons home.

Our Panel:

Sarah Burman: Editor, Home Beautiful Natalee Bowen: Hamptons Designer & Expert Amity Dry: Winner of The Block All Stars Angela Fedele: Architecture and Design, Blogger


linea-australianhamptons-fremantle-jameshardie_12 The clean lines of weatherboard cladding like Linea™ are a defining factor of the Hamptons look in Australia.

SB: Designing the exterior of your home is an opportunity to create a stunning first impression, which is so very important because it can only happen once! The most successful exterior schemes are ones that stand out, feel special, and use multiple materials and colours – and reflect their owns style and taste.”

AF: The clean, horizontal lines of weatherboard cladding are a defining element of Hamptons homes, offering a timeless elegance. A gabled roof, French doors and plantation shutters are other popular features of a Hamptons facade. The exterior of the Hamptons home favours traditional architecture details,” says Angela Fedele, an expert writer on architecture, design and lifestyle. Angela notes that, by cleverly contrasting colours and architectural roofing, a stand-out exterior with formal appeal can be achieved.


linea-hamptons-exterior-sydney-jameshardie-22_yknxvl Harness natural light in the design of your Hamptons home with high ceilings and bi-fold doors.

AF: Hamptons homes are synonymous with airy, light-filled spaces. A Hamptons home design prioritises natural light through its placement of well-spaced windows, sliding and French doors. Bi-fold doors used on balconies and ground floor decking spaces work to blur the boundaries of indoor/outdoor spaces – they also allow for ventilation and uninterrupted coastal views.

NB: In addition to harnessing the sun with thoughtfully positioned doors and windows, there are other ways light can be used in order to best reflect the Hamptons look. Use a mixture of overhead pendant lighting and elegant lamps as lighting can really change the ambiance of a room,” says interior designer and Scyon Linea ambassador Natalee Bowen. For the exterior, structure lights to illuminate the grooves and lines of the weatherboard.


linea-hamptons-exterior-portmacquarie-jameshardie-16_lh1cti Putting blue and white together always gives a coastal feel to your Hamptons home.

NB: Capturing the colours of the coast is essential to Hamptons style. Traditionally, a Hamptons colour scheme is comprised mostly of variations of white and neutral tones with accents of grey and blue used as complementary shades.

AD: I love the effortless elegance and coastal colour palette – a key feature of a Hamptons home. The colour palette is always neutral, with whites, creams, linen tones, greys and blues the main colours used to achieve the look. I recommend that all exterior trims are a crisp white no matter what colour you choose for your cladding.

While putting blue and white together always gives a coastal feel, a Hamptons look can also be a rich navy with a warm cream palette. Blacks, greys and whites are the colours du jour, and still a timeless option for walls.


nojhproduct-hamptons-mindarie-jameshardie-202005Internally, Amity suggests opting for shaker cabinetry and a marble benchtop to continue the Hamptons look from exterior to interior.

NB: While Hamptons style starts with the exterior, it is important to carry the same look and feel through to the indoors. Internal cabinetry with beautiful detail is essential for your Hamptons-style kitchen. Use wall panelling or interior cladding to create more layers and also create a visual feast of design detail.” The designer suggests using coffered or lined ceilings to add areas of interest.

When it comes to furnishings, nautical-inspired pieces and natural materials like rattan are signature elements of the Hamptons style. Invest in beautiful fabrics to add an accent to a muted, textured backdrop, with cushions and ottomans as easy ways to add interest.

AD: The other quintessential Hamptons look is marble. There is nothing more Hamptons than a kitchen with white shaker cabinets, subway tiles and a Carrera marble bench-top. Marble tiles also feature in their bathrooms, with herringbone patterns another traditionally Hamptons look.

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