A Full Wet Area Solution That is Quick and Easy to Install

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Do you ever worry about waterproofing failures causing major structural damage? Do you ever suffer job delays due to mortar bed curing? How much time do you spend in levelling floors and drains? How often do you deal with tiles cracking or falling off? Do you worry about damage to walls and ceilings due to moisture? How much time do you spend in extra waterproofing layers to prevent failures? We could go on, but let’s not. We all know that finding a waterproofing solution that will last is critical for any wet area (including bathrooms and laundries).

Working together, James Hardie’s SecuraTM Interior Flooring and VillaboardTM Internal Lining provide a full wet area solution that is easy and quick to install.

Of course, both are made from James Hardie’s premium fibre cement – which means they are extremely durable, and suitable for most types of bathrooms; and because of their inherent water-resistance many areas won’t require you to apply waterproofing membrane, saving you time and reducing the frustration-factor.

Let’s look at each product a little more closely to see how the Secura™ Interior Flooring and Villaboard™ Lining solutions can work for you.



  • Versatile, light and durable and dual function. While one side is designed for tiled applications and includes a sealant gap, the other side is perfect for vinyl or carpet applications where the tongue and groove joint is gapless.
  • Will not warp, twist or rot – giving you the ultimate foundation for both tiled and vinyl flooring – and unlike timber flooring, does away with the need for a vinyl underlay.
  • Sheets have a moisture resistant sealer on all sides removing the need for waterproofing outside enclosed shower areas and it can left untiled for up to three months without warping, twisting or the requirement to sand back the surface.
  • Tongue and groove joins are easy to click together and the boards can be secured to timber with a nail gun, so there’s no need for pre-drilling and screwing.
  • Remains strong even when it’s wet– even if waterproofing fails, Secura™ Interior Flooring will not.
  • Truly water resistant, fast to install and stable and firm – Secura™ Interior Flooring is for those who want reliability and fast installation from a high performing structural flooring that won’t let you down thanks to its superior properties and inherent water resistance.



  • A high performing fibre cement lining that won’t let you down thanks to its superior properties and inherent water resistance. Again, if waterproofing fails Villaboard™ won’t.
  • Unlike plasterboard, composition is resistant to water damage and it does not rely on coating solutions.
  • Resistant to damage from moisture, it won’t lose its structural integrity – meaning fewer call backs and costly rectifications.
  • Incredible hanging power for tiles – with a tensile bond strength up to 75% greater than wet area plasterboard (ensuring expensive bathroom tiles are always secure).
  • Guaranteed to perform even in unforeseen failures, unlike plasterboard. Tiles will not fall, and lining will not rot.
  • For those who want reliability, Villaboard™ is a high performing lining that won’t let you down thanks its superior properties and inherent water resistance – saving you time, reducing the costs of waterproofing failures and making your job easier.

These are just two of the fibre cement products from James Hardie that are perfect for future proofing wet areas. If you answered “yes” to any of the questions posed above, then it’s time consider SecuraTM Interior Flooring and VillaboardTM Lining for your next bathroom project.

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