Summertime in the Hamptons: Create the perfect outdoor entertainment space.


Spring has already sprung, and it won’t be long until summer is here! That means now is the time to get your outdoor entertaining space in order – prepped and ready for weekend parties, relaxing afternoons enjoying the sun, and of course time spent with friends and family over the holiday period.

Want to give your outdoor space the Hamptons spin before summer hits? We’ve got the tips to make it happen.


As expert Hamptons designer Natalee Bowen puts it: “While Australian homes were once renowned for the colonial look with sweeping verandas and wooden mouldings, I think we now steer towards a more sophisticated and elegant style which is defined by clean weatherboard lines and a pared-back colour palette.”

The Hamptons look is all about combining effortless comfort and elegance with the quintessential Aussie surrounds. So for owners looking to make a bold statement just in time for summer, getting the Hamptons look relies on opening up your outdoor space. hamptons-1 The lighting used here gives this Australian-Hamptons home a dramatic sense of ambience!

The opportunities are endless, and one key focus should be central to your design: making your outdoor space feel like a holiday destination year-round. Light and ventilation are crucial here. An open area that allows natural light and air flow will help create an immediate sense of summer. For entertaining that goes deep into the night, wall lights or downlights can imbue your outdoor space with a dramatic yet classy Hamptons ambience.

In terms of what you include, it could be something as simple as installing large sliding doors that open your home directly onto your backyard. Or if you have a taste for renovations, consider designing an alfresco kitchen, pool house or Hamptons-style cabana for those warm summer evenings spent entertaining.


With the harshness of Australian summers, smart home design lends itself to open plan living that celebrates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. Your Hamptons entertaining area should do exactly that, even blurring the lines between both living spaces. hamptons-2 Create a seamless indoor/outdoor transition with clean lines and a matching colour palette.

Architectural writer Angela Fedele has a few excellent suggestions for budding Hamptons designers: “Bi-fold doors are commonplace on balconies and ground floor decking spaces, working to blur the boundaries of indoor/outdoor spaces.” Further, matching the colour of both your indoor and outdoor flooring is an easy way to create that harmonious transition without a heavy hit to the budget. hamptons-home-3 French doors creates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors so you can open up your home onto your entertaining area!

For true Hamptons style that goes beyond the basics, consider completing the look with Linea™ weatherboards – the sheer white, in particular, exudes true coastal charm to perfectly complement the summer season.


White is undoubtedly the classic Hamptons colour, and it should be used to bring your outdoor space to life this summer. However, you needn’t splash pure white on everything. Instead, contrasts can define a unique Hamptons look that maintains all the hallmarks, such as coastal blue, green, grey or cream cladding with crisp white trim on exteriors. hamptons-3 Cool tones of blue and grey are a simple way to adapt the Hamptons look to an Australian setting.

For furnishings that put the cherry atop your Hamptons space, a nautical theme is your go-to design choice. You can play this up by incorporating pops of greenery as well as nature textures for cushions and seating. White wicker chairs with colourful blue cushions, for example, will transport any visitor directly to the beach.

In all things, pay attention to the details and always strive for the holy grail of Hamptons design: a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor

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