Tips for using Instagram to grow your business


There’s a huge audience of potential customers waiting for you on Instagram. In fact, Instagram has over 1 billion active users and, according to Instagram, 60% of people say that they discover new products on their platform. That’s a huge opportunity to find the right followers and encourage them to choose your business for their project.

Most importantly, it’s possible that Instagram will be the first place that a prospect finds your business and interacts with your brand. In order to stand out in the crowd and build meaningful connections, it’s important to get the basics right first.

But are you asking yourself where do I even start? What is this ‘hashtag’ thing and why is Instagram telling me ‘Stories’? We’ve got your back. Without overwhelming you with the science behind Instagram, we’ve created a simple cheat sheet for you to refer to which can be viewed and downloaded below.

Here are just a few of the tips that our cheat sheet has to offer:

  • Starting Out: Make sure you switch to “business profile” mode. Business profiles allow greater insight/analytics and give you the option to invest in paid advertising for your content.
  • Following: Grow your profile by following the right people in your industry. Spend some time curating the pages you follow so the content on your feed is always relevant.
  • Engaging: Use hashtags to search for consumers looking for similar products to yours & actively engage with them online by liking their posts, commenting and asking questions.

Whilst an estimated 75% of Australian businesses will already be on Instagram in 2020, It’s not too late to get started if you don’t already have an account. The platform continually rolls out business specific features and there is perhaps no better time to build your Instagram presence from scratch. And once you are up and running, you will quickly learn what your community likes to hear from you.

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Download our Instagram Cheat Sheet

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