Trendsetter: 6 Ways to Transform Your Boring Brick Home Into A Slice of Hamptons Paradise


If you’re the owner of a brick home but a lover of the Hamptons look it can be hard to imagine how to blend the two styles successfully – but it can be done! Here are workable ways you can introduce a slice of Hamptons paradise to your home.


One of the key elements of a classic Hamptons home is a colour palette of crisp whites and neutrals. This colour scheme can be applied through the interior of your house, such as on walls and cabinetry, and externally, for example, on doors, picket fences, trims and window and door frames. hamptons-trendspotter-neutrals


Want to transform your brick home into a truly Hamptons-inspired residence? Clad it with a product like Linea™ Weatherboards for a classic take on the look.

Made from fibre-cement, Scyon is durable, easy to maintain, and has the charm and look of weatherboard. However, unlike timber, it is resistant to termites, moisture and bushfire damage. It is also available in a range of colours – including white for a true Hamptons look.

Cladding over brick is a process that generally involves installing a timber-steel batten over the bricks, then applying a vapour permeable membrane, and then the cladding. image-1_2


Relaxed and refined is the order of the day for Hamptons-inspired interiors. Think oversized couches, plump cushions, marble bench-tops, polished floors, lanterns, and natural materials like linen, rattan and wool.

While a classic Hamptons-home is inspired by the coast, it’s a look equally suited to the country or city. Choose interiors and furnishings that reflect the landscape in which your home is set trendspotter-hamptons-interiors


Beautify your brick home with a Hamptons-style garden. Create a landscaped, but laidback, garden with manicured lawns and the likes of palms, hydrangeas, hedges and topiary trees. trendspotter-hamptons-garden-1-1


Big open spaces with high ceilings and light abound in Hamptons-style homes. Review the layout of your home to see how you can make it feel more airy and spacious. This may be by moving around or updating furnishings, or through some clever renovating to open up the space.

TIP: However you choose to integrate the Hamptons look into your home, consider how it works to complement the architecture and style of your existing home and the natural environment it sits amongst. A well-designed and thoughtfully executed approach is essential to its success.


Juxtapose Hamptons-inspired features alongside your home’s existing brickwork. This will depend on the style and design of your home, but may include integrating features, such as using stone paving for paths and contrast feature walls, or, for something grander, adding an outdoor entertaining area, studio, or extension made using a material such as Linea™ Weatherboards.

Download the Hamptons Look book here.

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