Trendspotter: The Boxy-Style Home


In a throwback to modernism, we’re witnessing an increase in contemporary, boxy-style homes across Australia. This style of home is defined by solid geometric forms, simple shapes and stacked cubes that often intersect. In contrast to their truly modernist ancestors, recent boxy-style homes are marked by a mixed materials façade used to differentiate various parts of the home, and break up the look of the exterior. Bold colours and multiple textures are used to make a statement and personalise each façade. Here we explore some of our favourite boxy geometric homes.


The ‘stacked’ box look is achieved by designing the home so large geometric volumes appear ‘stacked’ on top of one another. Often these volumes appear to be ‘floating’ above the base and are differentiated from the base by a different material or by apply cladding in a contrasting direction.

TIP: Use a lighter colour on top of the stack to create balance. Scyon™ Axon™ laid vertically can be applied to the top ‘box’ for vertical emphasis and height.


The epitome of modernism, the ‘cube’ is defined by a minimalist façade, clean, straight lines and sharp edges. The ‘cube’ is a timeless look that can give smaller homes more character and enhance street appeal, making ‘the cube’ a perfect choice for smaller inner-city homes.

TIP: Long, linear cladding like Scyon Stria™ or Scyon Axon will enhance both the look of width and height. Stick to one type of cladding for the entire façade in keeping with the minimalist look.


Sharp, irregular angles can be used to enhance the overall look of a boxy façade by points of interest. Think of sloped roofs, angled windows or cladding cut and laid at diagonal angles rather than in a brick or panel format.

TIP: Use the offcuts of Scyon Matrix™ to create a feature wall of diagonal and irregular shaped cladding. It’s a great way to put the offcuts to use!

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