Your Hamptons Home: An Expert Guide to Getting Your Dream Hamptons Look


Fallen in love with the Hamptons look and want to re-create it in your own home? Read on for expert advice and insights on how to make your dream Hamptons look a reality.


“Think white walls, white timber furniture and accent colours of blue and beige,” says Gold Coast-based influencer Susanna Tolo of @coastalhamptonstyle on the fundamentals of Hamptons’ style.

“I find there are two distinctive styles that can be considered ‘Hamptons’. The first is a more traditional style, with a contrast of dark hardwood floors and white walls with accents of black. The other style is my personal favourite, which is less formal and more coastal. This consists of light timber floors, natural jute rugs, linen upholstery, numerous fresh flowers and a beautiful fiddle-leaf-fig as a feature plant.” linea-hamptons-baysidedrive-jameshardie-3 2 Susanna Tolo says there are two distinctive Hamptons styles – one more classic and one more coastal as pictured. Which do you prefer?


Tolo notes there are a few key elements you’ll need to create an authentic Hamptons look: “On the exterior, weatherboard cladding is an essential design feature that really encompasses the Hamptons look.”

“The clean, horizontal lines give the home a coastal or country feel, depending on where you live. A soft colour palette on walls, consisting mainly of whites and light is a must, and beautiful French doors or plantation shutters should be peppered throughout the exterior, giving that understated sophistication and much-loved coastal feel.”

linea-traditionalhamptons-mtkembla-jameshardie 1 2 French doors that create an open living space and a natural colour palette are two of Tolo’s essentials for the Hamptons look.


Expert architecture, design, and lifestyle writer Angela Fedele agrees that a weatherboard-look is integral to achieving the Hamptons look. “Applied in a vertical matter you can swap conventional weatherboard for a product like Scyon’s Linea, which emulates the crisp charm of timber without the challenges of traditional timber that can collect moisture, warp or attract termites.”

Made from an advanced cement composite, Scyon’s Linea™ weatherboard is resistant to termites, fire, moisture damage, and flaking from shrinking and swelling. For homes located in bushfire prone areas, the weatherboards also have a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of up to 40 (this equates to extreme radiant heat).

linea-traditionalhamptons-highlands-bowral-jameshardie 4 Scyon Linea provides the charm of timber minus the maintenance, creating quintessential Hamptons look.


Fedele thinks other key elements, such as roofing and windows and doors can help to finish the Hamptons look. “A Hamptons home design prioritises natural light through its placement of well-spaced windows, sliding and French doors.”

This can be achieved through bi-fold doors on balconies and ground floor decking spaces, which work to blur the boundaries of indoor/outdoor spaces, allow for ventilation, and uninterrupted views.

Fedele adds: “A dark coloured metal, galvanised iron or slate-tiled gabled or gambrel roof with eaves creates a crisp yet decorative add-on. [While] a gabled roof also promotes higher indoor ceilings and superior spatial awareness.”

linea-australianhamptons-fremantle-jameshardie 3 Angela Fedele says creating a space for outdoor entertaining is an essential part of adding the Hamptons look to your home.

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