6 Fresh Facades You’ve Never Thought About


The epitome of home design is one that showcases and encapsulates an owner’s individuality, and the easiest way to achieve this is through the thoughtful design of your façade.

However, sourcing inspiration for “something different’ can be a little frustrating.

While display home developers are helping with affordable housing and home renovation shows encourage DIY projects, sometimes you can’t help but feel it’s all been seen before.

But the good news is you don’t have to settle, and you needn’t look too far to inject some personality into your home’s exterior.

So with full creative freedom, today we’ve explored the look of six different facades and how to achieve them.


the-ultra-modernist-image-1 Clean lines, boxy shapes and vertical Scyon™ Axon™ cladding give depth and dimension to this simplistic modernist home.

Modernists and minimalists will adore this neat and sophisticated façade which embraces a minimal colour palette, squared finishes and smart cladding.

The façade echoes a “sleek, suave and sophisticated” look thanks to the clean, simple lines of the structure that are echoed by the cladding. This split level design adds depth and prevents the boxy structure from becoming overbearing or monolithic.

Similarly, the open plan design contributes lightness along with the glass windows helping break up the solidness of the façade while also prioritising natural light for the interiors.

The cladding has been applied in a contrasting thicknesses to further add depth to a seemingly 2-dimensional look.


stria-modern-exterior-freshwater-jameshardie-2_utnmgu Create a distinct connection between old and new to highlight different parts of your home and break up the exterior look.

An updated façade combining old and new styles works seamlessly with some lush lawn and green foliage.

We see a contrast in colour palette this time harmonising dark and light. This facade also adopts cladding to cover the modern exterior on the right-hand side of the home which balances with the classic weatherboard look of the house design.

Scyon Linea™ weatherboard retains the original charm of the cottage, while the the darker, modern extension in Scyon Stria™ helps connect the old and new.


alfresco-attitude-image-3 The clever use of shapes and angles creates a modern alfresco look that updates this family backyard.

The Alfresco look is all about embracing the outdoor lifestyle- think summer barbecues and balmy evenings.

To contrast the white on this facade, a soft grey has been applied on one section of the façade, balanced with a neutral palette.

The vertical and horizontal placement of the cladding creates subtle contrast that is sharpened by the varying angles of the sloped roof.

Here, mixed materials connect the space with sharp rectangular shapes offering a modern aesthetic.


linea-Scandibarn-nundah-jameshardie_7 Warm, wood accents highlight the classic look of Scyon Linea weatherboards.

For the homeowner that loves to entertain, this home treats guests to a striking façade of mixed materials.

The materials cleverly connect the different façade layers beginning from the porcelain flooring around the tiles that meet wooden decking. That is then drawn up through wooden pillars to meet a cantilevered outdoor space on the upper level.

The colours here remain earthy with a mix of warm wooden textures and a cream and ivory cladded area. The house design itself supports the contrast by featuring cutouts in the structure and large windows embedded into the façade to allow for ample views.


linea-modern-exterior-jacaranda-jameshardie-12 The shapes and textures of this home fit together like a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ to create a unique, artistic facade.

This façade is for the artistic homeowner that is looking to challenge common structures and materials to see symmetric shapes, mixed materials and colours that blend into an exterior masterpiece.

Here, matte, neutral colours, cladding and wooden accents work together to create this abstract façade that has strong rectangular composition with minimal trimmings.

The shapes lock in like a jigsaw puzzle and for a striking look, bold colour contrasts and or materials are recommended.


matrix-boxmodern-exterior-kellyville-jameshardie-4_iv09or Strong rectangular shapes give this geometric facade a timeless street appeal.

This geometric façade plays with shapes building block-on-block and holds a strong linear design.

Again, we see mixed materials reign but with a light colour palette throughout. A textured grey base covers the majority of the façade with a warm white Matrix™ cladding allocated to the top floors.

Large windows and landscaping break up the boxy façade shapes.

Embrace your individuality and make your façade count.

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