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Creating a more functional home: Is 2020 your year to renovate?


2020 is set to be the year of the functional home, so why not get an early mark and start defining your property’s functionality right now?

If you love your home and the area you live in, why waste time and money selling your current house and buying (or building) another one when you could enjoy all the benefits of renovating much faster – and often at a much lower price!


2019 was a volatile year in the property market, with prices dropping across the board in almost every Australian city. The problem with buying in 2020 is that the market has already begun its upward trend – with many experts saying Australian house prices are growing at their fastest rate since 2003.

The better option could be to make your home more functional by renovating it. Rather than paying a record-high price for a new home, you can invest in renovations to increase your property’s liveability without all the hassle of buying and selling. Plus, when you do it yourself you get total creative control – meaning you can renovate your home to last through all your different lifestyle stages and increase its overall value when you decide it’s time to sell. Function1-1024x720


The best part about renovating is that you can make almost every room in your house more liveable. To increase functionality in your home, consider:

  • Renovating the most-used rooms: Whether it’s the kitchen, living room or main bathroom, renovating a room that gets plenty of foot traffic can increase your home’s liveability. And always use the best products for the job. For example,Villaboard™ Lining by James Hardie is resistant to moisture damage and won’t deform or lose its structural integrity – perfect for a bathroom reno.
  • Making additions to increase space: Do you have plenty of land but not enough room inside your home? Increase space by adding an extra bedroom or living area so you and the whole family can stretch out and live more comfortably. Remember, though, to investigate whether you need any permits signed off before major extensions can start.
  • Building alfresco areas: Building an alfresco area can provide greater liveability outdoors while creating a natural flow between inside and out. And with Australia’s long, hot summers and wild lashing storms, you’ll want to make sure your new outdoor area is protected from the elements. Hardie™ Deck is a stylish fibre-cement decking solution that will elevate your outdoor area without warping, rotting or fading like a traditional timber deck. Like every successful project, the most important ingredient for your renovation is preparation. Make sure you choose the right space for your budget and timeframe, get your finances in order, choose the right building and support team, and most importantly invest in high-quality products that will stand the test of time. Hamilton5


So you’ve decided it’s time to embrace the power of functionality and give your home the makeover it deserves for 2020. Where should you focus your energy to get the most out of the project?

  • Maximise flow: To create total functionality, it’s all about maximising the flow from indoor to outdoor areas. You can do exactly that by choosing the right products for your renovation, including external cladding and interior linings that sync together harmoniously.
  • Open plan: Investing in an open-plan concept could provide your family with more room to grow, improving functionality, privacy and potentially the value of your property. Not only that, but an open-plan renovation could help with creating passive design in your home, which will allow you to naturally cool or heat your home and reduce those energy bills.
  • Take inspiration wherever you can find it: Whether it’s scouring social media, speaking to friends and family who’ve renovated their own home, or getting fantastic design ideas from James Hardie, keeping your eyes open can reveal something spectacular you never even knew you wanted in your home.

exterior-8__1_ Make 2020 the year your home becomes the functional, liveable space it was always meant to be – the right reno could do wonders for your lifestyle while also bumping up your property value over the long term.

Want to learn more about the best-quality products for your next renovation project? Contact James Hardie on 13 11 03 or find a stockist near you.

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