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The beauty in design is its diversity. There’s a wide array of styles, tastes, architectural vision and personal flair that goes into designing a home, which is why you need the products that have the versatility to meet your specific needs.

James Hardie™ products are extremely flexible, meaning you can re-orientate them from their ‘typical’ purpose to align with the vision of your home – whether it’s a brand-new build or a renovation project. Here, we explore some of our most popular products and how they can be used to change Image1_StriaVertical-1the appeal of a home.


The impeccable deep grooves and thick shiplap boards of Stria cladding make it one of our most popular products – particularly for home owners looking for the strong horizontal lines of a modern property. But Stria can also be installed vertically for a unique spin, or you can even panelise them with the dedicated vertical flashing stop accessory.

Play with deviations in size for a totally unique façade – larger (325mm and 405mm) cladding can deliver a rendered and raked masonry look, whereas the smaller (255mm) option provides a modern take on the traditional shiplap weatherboard look.



There’s a whole world of sizes available in the Matrix cladding range, meaning you can make different choices depending on the layouts and patterns you want to create – square, vertical, horizontal and brick patterns are all easy to install.

Not just a statement visual on your home’s exterior, Matrix is just as comfortable on interior feature walls – you can even paint the expressed joints a contrasting shade to accentuate the cladding’s sleek lines and shapes.

Want to take things to the next level? Pair Matrix with either Stria cladding or EasyLap™ panels for a contemporary look that will age gracefully.



There’s no denying that Versilux lining is an extremely popular choice to be used as a soffit or to complement exposed-beam ceilings. It’s also great in high-traffic areas like kitchens and laundries. However, the real potential of this product is hidden in its name: versatility.

If you’re looking to achieve a wide variety of looks with a single product, then go no further than Versilux. Embrace traditional with straight PVC jointers, create a striking colour contrast with the black PVC expressed jointer accessory, or batten over joints using Axent™ trim for that classic finishing touch. Untitled-11-1536x1024


From the exquisite Hamptons look to a modern weatherboard mansion, Linea weatherboard is a product for all seasons. It’s not only a fantastic fibre-cement alternative to traditional (and high-upkeep!) timber, but it’s also more versatile than it looks at first glance – meaning it’s easy to re-orientate according to your design tastes.

Colour, orientation (classic horizontal or avant-garde vertical) and cladding width are all flexible, and the product’s exceptionally clean lines pair perfectly with the expansive walls found in most modern homes.

Best of all, you can use Linea across almost every popular look: whether it’s an Aussie Hamptons-inspired home, a Modern Coastal look or a combination of multiple designs that hero the contrasting Axent trim.

Want the quintessential weatherboard look without the tried-and-tested lighter tones? Splash on a dark shade of paint for a truly re-orientated property that exudes your unique personality.


Design inspiration shouldn’t come from a single source. Rather, some of the most visually stunning builds are a kaleidoscope of smart visuals and flexible products. With James Hardie, you can mix-and-match products to display your unique vision.

Best of all? Whenever you want to change the appeal of your home, you can re-orientate your products to ensure design versatility that lasts a lifetime.

Looking to create a one-of-a-kind dream home that embraces versatile design? Explore our Design Ideas blog and our Inspiration Gallery to get started, and when you’re ready to build you can use our renovation guide to support you through the entire journey!

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