Introducing the Modern Looks!


While all modern looks share hallmarks such as boxy, geometric shapes, sleek lines and a pared back aesthetic, it helps to understand the unique characteristics of some current looks so that you can work with your builder to achieve the exact look you’re after.


This term is used to describe a particular style of architecture that rose to prominence in the 1950s and 60s, post-World War II. Choosing function over fussiness, mid-century modern homes aim to create practical spaces with a connection to the surrounding natural environment by removing barriers between the indoors and outdoors.

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Hallmarks include flat or shallow pitched roofs, single level open-plan living areas and large picture windows to encourage natural light. For a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, central courtyards filled with plants are also a popular feature. Timber is often used in mid-century modern design as an accent to add warmth and a natural element alongside concrete, glass and other materials.


A look that is all about simplicity, materials take centre stage to create a calming space free from distractions. In minimalist design you’ll find uncomplicated wall cladding and angular surfaces and the absence of decorative elements and ornate fixtures. Aligning with the Zen philosophy, the minimalist look is popular in Japan and appeals to many as an antidote to busy modern life.

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Hallmarks of this look include flat roofs and clean, linear lines – using a product such as Axon™️ Cladding or Matrix™️ Cladding with its sharp, geometric shapes will provide the modern, streamlined exterior that is synonymous with minimalist design.


This is a look that lends itself perfectly to creating a personalised, one-of-a-kind façade, and is a highly versatile example of modern design. The use of multiple materials on your exterior – for example cladding, steel, brick and timber – creates visual interest and texture, giving your new home its unique ‘wow’ factor.

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Hallmarks of this look include flat or skillion roofs, cantilevered second levels as well as a mix of horizontal and vertical lines using panels, render and brick. Achieve this look by combining several cladding options – try pairing Linea™️ weatherboard cladding with Axon™️ Cladding for a custom-made, designer feel that will stand out in your streetscape.


The modern coastal look takes its design cues from the colours and shapes of the coast as well as the simplicity of classic beach shacks. This look is all about a lifestyle, with airy, open-plan living lending itself to outdoor entertaining.

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Hallmarks of the modern coastal look include skillion and butterfly roofs, large openings to enhance natural light and airflow, as well as a classic weatherboard exterior. Scyon™️ Linea™️ weatherboards are ideal for coastal living as they are resistant to heat and moisture damage, while timber features add warmth and natural accents.


This simple yet striking look brings farmhouse style to the suburbs. With a philosophy that good design offers wellness benefits, this look can be seen in townhouses, detached homes and in the tiny house movement, where simplicity and clever design are vital to maximising space and functionality.

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Hallmarks of this look include steeply pitched gable roofs, light-filled interiors and an absence of eaves. They also feature a contrasting colour palette – for example a dark charcoal lower level topped with white weatherboards on the second storey – as well as an enhanced connection with nature using large windows, sliding doors and lush landscaping.

Defining the exact style you want to achieve will help you work with your builder, designer or architect to create the modern look best suited to your unique taste and lifestyle.

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