Introducing the Scandinavian Barn Look


The Scandinavian Barn look also known as the Modern Farmhouse look is inspired by Nordic simplicity. Built around the belief that good design is linked to wellness and should be easily accessible to everyone, this look is all about creating a warm and inviting space you’ll love to spend time in. Here are some hallmarks to give you a better understanding of this simple yet warm and inviting look.


The exterior hallmarks of the Scandinavian Barn look includes a steeply pitched gable roof, clean, straight lines and an absence of eaves. On the exterior, you’ll find simple cladding and pared back wall finishes, often with a contrasting colour palette where light, neutral shades of white and cream are juxtaposed with a dark hue such as charcoal, black or dark grey.

A connection with nature is a key feature of this look. This might mean the addition of an outdoor deck or large sliding doors to make the most of a backyard or alfresco entertaining space. Natural materials such as timber, stone and brick are often used alongside fibre-cement cladding to introduce warmth and create eye-catching accents.


If you’d like a warm and welcoming home that emphasises simplicity, this style might be right for you. Start with the classic look Linea™ Weatherboard for your exterior – it has the same streamlined appearance as timber without the upkeep and susceptibility to heat and moisture damage.

linea-scandibarn-exterior-nundah-jameshardie-4__1_ Enhance the simplicity of the Scandinavian Barn look with Linea Weatherboard.

Vertical cladding like Axon™ Cladding or Stria™ Cladding is perfect for adding a modern appeal to your Scandinavian Barn look. It comes pre-primed so you can paint in any colour of your choosing including white, grey and charcoal – timeless and versatile shades that are ideal for a Scandinavian Barn-inspired home. It can also be used to create a sleek and contemporary feel that both complements and contrasts – for example if Axon Cladding is used at the bottom, Linea Weatherboards used upstairs will soften the look.

linea-modern-exterior-caringbah-jameshardie-_5_t7doo3Create a unique balance of textures with a mix of horizontal cladding, like Linea Weatherboard, and vertical cladding such as Stria or Axon!


The interior is all about bright, light-filled spaces, with Scandinavian Barn homes typically featuring open-plan living with an emphasis on natural light. Furnishings are practical and fuss-free, often with a black and white colour scheme where layers of texture – think natural fibres like wool, linen and cotton – add warmth and ambience.

Decorating a Scandinavian Barn home is all about placing cleverly designed décor against a fresh canvas, with a focus on raw materials and minimalistic lines throughout.


Scandinavian countries are well known for their simple, timeless design aesthetic, which is why the Scandinavian Barn look lends itself to many different facades, interiors and locations. This versatile style can be seen everywhere from townhouses and detached homes to the tiny house movement and is perfect for any homeowner wanting to create an inviting space that inspires a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Did you know?

The Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced hoo-gah) is derived from the Norwegian word for wellbeing, and refers to a feeling of cosy contentment and happiness that comes with enjoying simple pleasures. Nordic countries embrace hygge at home with soft, comfy textiles such as throws and cushions and by inviting friends over for candlelit dinners. Hygge is key to creating a Scandinavian Barn-inspired home – it’s no wonder the look has become a global trend!

An emphasis on connecting with the natural world makes the Scandinavian Barn look ideally suited to the Australian lifestyle, and with the right materials it will prove to be a low maintenance look that will stand the test of time.

Now that you understand the hallmarks of the Scandinavian Barn look, you can work with your builder or architect to create the exact design that’s right for you.

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