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Reverse Brick Veneer construction technique – Brolga Project

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On the construction of the recent Brolga project, Futureflip used an energy efficient construction technique called reverse brick veneer. This technique allows you to minimize energy consumption but still achieve a modern look home – it’s seen as one of the most energy efficient ways to build.

With the reverse brick technique, the brick wall is built on the inside, instead of the outside of the frame. The cladding is then fixed to the frame which forms the outside of the wall. By keeping the thermal mass closer to the inside of the wall, the inside temperature is retained for longer – this means less energy is used for heating and cooling your home. And importantly, the cladding on the outside delivers a desirable modern look home instead of a dated brick house.


The reverse brick veneer technique is thermally, environmentally and financially efficient and it also looks great. Futureflip have used James Hardie Linea™ Weatherboards to achieve this Box Modern meets Palm Springs Look. By using Linea™ Weatherboards painted in a fresh, white colour palette, Futureflip have created this stunning modern home with clean, sleek lines that epitomise modern architecture.

Watch the video below to see how Futureflip used reverse brick veneer on their Brolga project.

For more information on Linea™ Weatherboards visit here.

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