Taking the hassle out of fire rated construction


During more than a decade working in the residential building sector, Georges has come up against all kinds of problems and challenges. But the biggest headache of them all is building fire rated walls. For years Georges thought he had no choice but to use brick walls to meet fire rating requirements for MGM projects.
“Building up an intertenancy fire rated brick wall requires a lot of time, labour and precision,” says Georges “and the mess it creates on site is pretty disruptive too.”
Having used bricks all this time, Georges was delighted to discover a simple, low-cost alternative at a James Hardie seminar on fire-rating solutions. Discovering that HardieSmart™ Intertenancy wall system is installed by carpenters, with no bricks, no mess and no extra plasterboard layer, has been a game changer for Georges and his customers.
Not only does the HardieSmart Intertenancy wall system save a lot of hassle in construction, it also saves on installation time and costs.
“People want their dream houses, and it’s my job to make their dream into reality” says Georges. “Presenting the simple math to customers about time and cost savings gives them a lot of confidence.
When it came to choosing a fire-rating solution for one of their recent building projects in Ryde, HardieSmart™ Intertenancy wall system was the obvious choice. With this innovative breakthrough, everyone working with MGM wins, from the estimators to the foreman and, most importantly, the customers, who can choose a budget alternative for their project, without sacrificing safety or quality.
If you’re still dealing with the mess and aggro that comes with fire rated walls, it’s time to look beyond brick and discover the HardieSmart Intertenancy wall system. Send your plans to [email protected] or call our team on 13 11 03 to start making life easier for everyone. HardieSmart-Case-Study-Georges-250x400px-v2

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