Trendspotter: How to Make the Hamptons Look Work in Every Environment


A crisp white weatherboard beach house may be the hallmark of a classic Hamptons home, but its modern interpretation can be reworked to suit a range of abodes. We look at how to make the Hamptons style work for homes that stray from the classic aesthetic.

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Don’t let bricks hold you back from creating your Hamptons dream home. Clad it instead! Scyon™ Linea™ has the look and charm of weatherboard but many more benefits.

Made with premium fibre-cement, Scyon Linea is durable, easy-to-maintain and can be painted the Hamptons hue of your choice, including white. It’s also resistant to rotting, fire, impact, moisture damage and termites.

The process of cladding over brick involves installing a timber or steel batten over the brickwork, applying a vapour permeable membrane, like HardieWarp™ Weather Barrier, and then on goes the Scyon Linea to bring your Hamptons look to life.

linea-moderncoastal-exterior-3birds-house11-jameshardie-3 Three Birds Renovations completed the ultimate transformation, using Scyon Linea to clad over fibro in this charming renovation!


While the Hamptons look may be synonymous with the coast, it can easily translate to inland homes. “The Hamptons style is not reserved exclusively for beachfront properties,” says Perth-based interior designer Natalee Bowen of Indah Island, whose trademark style brings an Australian element to the Hamptons look.

“The look is equally at home in the city or country. The best way to adapt the Hamptons look for a different setting is by understanding the requirements of your environment.”

There are different ways you can approach applying the Hamptons look to your city abode, but in doing so, it’s important to be sympathetic to the landscape around it. For some, this may involve using darker colours in the exterior façade to blend into the streetscape. For others, it may be about creating juxtaposition through mixed facades, for example, creating a contrasting Hamptons-inspired feature wall, outdoor area or extension.

linea-hamptons-exterior-portmacquarie-jameshardie-1 Natalee Bowen suggests using darker colours when completing the look of your Hamptons home in a city or suburban environment.


You can get the Hamptons look without undertaking major renovations through smaller aesthetic refinements that won’t break the bank.

“Traditionally, a Hamptons colour scheme is comprised mostly of variations of white and neutral tones with accents of grey and blue used as complementary shades,” says Bowen, on the colours that can be used to introduce the Hamptons look through interiors.

linea-hamptons-exterior-sydney-jameshardie-20_yapgl7 “Traditionally, a Hamptons colour scheme is comprised mostly of variations of white and neutral tones with accents of grey and blue used as complementary shades” – Natalee Bowen.

“Invest in beautiful fabrics to add an accent to the muted, textured backdrop of the Hamptons look. Cushions are an easy way to add interest. Additionally, occasional chairs and ottomans work well. I like to mix a small amount of florals with stripes or geometric shapes to avoid being too matchy-matchy. This multilayered approach adds character and personality to the home.”

A sense of space and light is also central to the Hamptons look. Consider how you can open up and brighten your home – from removing heavy curtains to moving around furniture to playing with lighting.

Bowen notes: “Use a mixture of overhead pendant lighting and elegant lamps as lighting can really change the ambience of a room. It’s all about bringing features to life.”

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