Trendspotter: The Essential Hamptons-Look Checklist


When it comes to achieving the classic, coastal style that Hamptons homes are synonymous with, keeping things simple – as well as ticking off a few important features – is the key to success. Make sure you tick off these essential hallmarks of a Hamptons-inspired home!


Whether you are building a new home or starting a renovation, keep in mind that the exterior sets the tone for the rest of your home. There is nothing more quintessentially Hamptons than a classic weatherboard façade – this hallmark look creates strong, clean lines and lends a classic, coastal charm. Blending traditional and contemporary with ease, weatherboards fit seamlessly into any environment, from city to country, and are a key starting point to achieving a Hamptons-inspired home. linea-hamptons-exterior-portmacquarie-jameshardie-13 1

Scyon Linea weatherboards are top of the Hamptons-look checklist! Creating long, clean lines synonymous with the Hamptons style, they are low maintenance and resistant to moisture, perfect for the coastal environment.

For a crisp, long-lasting look, modern weatherboards are typically made from cement composite rather than timber. Scyon Linea™ cladding is ideal for achieving this timeless look – it has the same streamlined appearance as timber without the maintenance and susceptibility to heat and moisture damage.


Hamptons design prioritises bright, open spaces, so allowing plenty of natural light into your home is essential to achieving your dream Hamptons-inspired home. It is worth taking some time to consider how you can maximise the light in your home year-round at the very start of your Hamptons-inspired build or renovation, whether it be with large, well-positioned windows or a skylight. Sliding French doors and bi-folds are also great ways to encourage light. They also help to create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors when opening onto a garden, deck or entertaining area.


Hamptons hues are always timeless and elegant – a versatile colour scheme you’ll love forever. A soothing, all-white palette will bring an instant feeling of freshness to an exterior, while soft grey or pastels influenced create the perfect beach look. You don’t have to limit yourself to light colours, either – why not make a statement with charcoal or duck egg blue? While they’re not quite neutrals, these adaptable choices still tick all the boxes for coastal-inspired style.

Hamptons facade with fretwork A muted colour palette of grey and white gives this stunning Hamptons home a timeless appeal.

Inside, light, neutral walls provide an ideal backdrop for furnishing your home with earthy, nature-inspired pieces. Look to hardwearing and fuss-free natural materials like sisal or jute rugs, oversized palm leaf and rattan baskets for clever storage, and linen covers for cushions and sofas that are durable and easy to wash. Adding warmth to a cool colour scheme, keeping to muted tones will bring a calming and comfortable holiday feel to your home.


There are few Hamptons homes that do not possess crisp white doors, trims and windows – they are a quintessential feature of this elegant coastal style and will offset your walls beautifully. If you do choose a darker hue, stick with a shade from the same colour family – for example charcoal trims paired with light grey weatherboards.

The paint finish is an important consideration. While low sheen works best on larger surfaces, high gloss can look great on windows and trims and can be carried inside to skirting boards and architraves, making it a great way to tie in an exterior colour scheme that uses crisp, white trims against darker weatherboard cladding.

TIP: If you do choose a darker hue for the trims of your Hamptons home, stick with a shade from the same colour family – for example charcoal trims paired with light grey weatherboards.


A gable roof is an elegant and impactful design feature and one of the most distinguishable characteristics of a Hamptons-inspired home. With its traditional nautical ‘boatshed’ appearance, this architecture feature exudes laidback coastal appeal and, alongside weatherboard cladding, boasts clean, linear lines. Inside, a gable roof promotes higher indoor ceilings, which can open up a room and create a feeling of spaciousness.

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