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Bringing Box Modern charm to the Sydney Shire

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Inspired by the geometric forms of early 20th-century architecture, Box Modern design is all about stacked and intersecting volumes. Picture homes characterised by sharp geometric shapes that create visually striking exteriors. From the stacked-box style to the minimalist cube and the angular box, every design is a visually unique spectacle.

Box Modern house design marries precision with contemporary flair. So, it’s no wonder these homes are popping up all across Australia, showcasing clean lines, distinct rooflines and innovative cladding techniques.

Let’s take a look at the Box Modern home trend and find out how design and construction company, Futureflip, designed and built an incredible home using Linea™ Weatherboard to bring a slice of paradise to the Sutherland Shire.


Box Modern dreams built upon a blank canvas

In the heart of beautiful Cronulla in Sydney’s Shire region, an empty plot of land was just waiting to be transformed into a Box Modern marvel. With no existing structure on the land, the owners approached the team at Futureflip to sculpt a dream property that would deliver contemporary living at scale.

The corner block is western-facing and set close to the ocean. This meant the exterior cladding had to be durable and capable of standing up to the elements. It also had to be lightweight to achieve the cantilever Box Modern look the clients were after.

“When we were designing this home, we leaned into the ‘box with angles’ style of Box Modern house, which typically incorporates cantilevers to bring a lot of definition with an impressive streetscape,” says Neil Hipwell, Company Director at Futureflip.

The material also had to be lightweight to achieve the cantilever Box Modern look – this is much more difficult with masonry and heavier cladding, as well as more expensive. With Linea™ Weatherboard, it saved on time and complexity.


“Being a corner block meant there was twice as much street frontage to consider, so the design of the façade was twice as important,” Hipwell continues. “Incorporating Linea™ Weatherboard was a great way to bring the coastal aspect of the brief to life, and to bring the Box Modern design into balance by softening the overall aesthetic.”

“One of the key goals for their new home was to have multigenerational functionality with a coastal variation of the Box Modern design,” says Hipwell. “The client wanted a contemporary look that fit within the streetscape, but was also bold enough to make an impact.” Box Modern achieved this by maximising floor space to accommodate additional family members .


Cladding that ticks the right ‘Box’

The Futureflip team knew they had to use products that would align with the show-stopping façade the family were hoping to achieve. Hipwell says Linea™ Weatherboard hit all the right notes for what they wanted in an exterior.

Moreover, a core part of getting the façade right for the homeowners was to get an eye-catching balance of mixed materials. Linea™ Weatherboard helped them achieve the look they were after, while also ticking all the established Box Modern ‘boxes’.

“The Linea™ Weatherboard looks great with our aluminium screening, which was used to shade and combat the sun,” Hipwell says. “The vertical and horizontal lines work together to create a sense of geometric cohesion and together really encapsulate the Box Modern style.”

Hipwell and his team used Linea™ Weatherboards to soften the bold Box Modern house design. Without it, he says, the coastal element central to the client’s brief would have been missing.

“Being western-facing and on the coast, durability of the materials was a must for this build,” he adds. “Using Linea™ Weatherboard allowed us to achieve the necessary durability, without blowing the client’s budget and without compromising on the design aesthetic. The streamlined installation meant a quicker build time as well, which left our client very happy.”

Linea strikes the perfect balance between a softer coastal feel and the boldness of the Box Modern home style, which is why the Linea™ Weatherboard brings it all together.


Versatile Linea™ Weatherboard brings Box Modern to life

The streamlined installation not only helped Futureflip with the build time, but it also controlled costs for this Box Modern home style.

“The Linea™ Weatherboards are pre-primed and ready to paint – meaning less time and expense associated with finishing trades – a big cost-saver,” Hipwell says. “In the long-term, the product doesn’t warp or twist in the harsh weather, so we knew there would be minimal ongoing maintenance costs.

“The board form of the Linea™ Weatherboard makes it really efficient to install because it’s easy to transport the material,” he adds. “You carry it up the scaffolding board by board and then just fix them in place.

“We do a pre-take in the design room and get all the boards set out, so when the trades come to install it on-site, we have everything marked out on the building and the boards go straight up – so the installation is seamless.”

In addition to helping speed up construction, Hipwell says Linea™ Weatherboard helped to express the true nature of the Box Modern home style that the clients were after.

“The use of the corresponding corner soakers helped to express the shape of the Linea™ Weatherboard within the Box Modern aesthetic,” Hipwell says, adding that choosing Hardie™ exterior cladding was a simple decision given Futureflip’s preference for them on other projects.

“We have been using Hardie™ exterior cladding products on our builds for years. Their product range offers so many options when it comes to design, giving us greater range in the creative aspect. Streamlined installation and durable materials deserve attention when it comes to the construction side of things – and James Hardie products tick those boxes too. It’s a win-win for us and for our clients.”

Inspired by the geometric charm of Box Modern designs? Whether you live coastally or in the country, this on-the-rise trend will make a bold statement from the façade and throughout the rest of your home. Find out more about Box Modern and learn how Linea™ Weatherboard can help inspire the home of your dreams.


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