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Dream Home: A Young Family Get their Dream Hamptons Home


After living in over 20 homes, Lizzie was ready to settle down with her young family and build her forever home. She enlisted the expert service of Beaches Building to help her bring her Hamptons dream to life in Sydney’s Northshore. Read on to find out how Lizzie and the team at Beaches Building created a slice of Hampton’s paradise for this young family.


“We had moved so many times over the years – three countries and multiple cities! We now have two young children and wanted to build our forever home for raising the girls.

My dream home was always a ‘Queenslander meets Hamptons’ look, but we were working with a small block in Sydney so there wasn’t much room for full sweeping balconies and a house on stilts! Beaches Building were great in helping us work with the block, not against it, to get Hamptons look we wanted so we didn’t have to compromise on our dream home!”

After living in over 20 homes, Lizzie was ready to settle down and build her dream home which was a fusion of a classic Queenslander and Hamptons look.


“Coming from Queensland, I [Lizzie] always felt like the Hamptons look was my perfect match. I’ve always been drawn to white tones, peaceful blues and natural textures.

Indoor-outdoor living was a huge factor for us when we were designing our dream home. It must be the Brisbane girl in me but I have always loved lots of natural light and wide open spaces.

For the facade, Beaches Building opted for all the classic elements of the Hamptons look including weatherboard, gables and fretwork. We went for high ceilings, exposed beams and a large deck out the back to embrace a laidback Hamptons feel!”

Indoor-outdoor living was a ‘must-have’ for Lizzie when designing and building her dream Hamptons home!


“Being close to the coast, the house is tested by strong coastal winds and humidity. Linea weatherboards™ by Scyon Walls™ were the perfect solution to these issues! We didn’t want to use wood because it’s subject to warping and faster deterioration.

Beaches Building were great in helping us choose materials with a suitable BAL bushfire rating as the house is close to the coast and bush.

Linea weatherboard gave us that quintessential weatherboard Hamptons look while enabling us to choose between the different widths to achieve something a little more classic or modern depending on our aim.”

Linea weatherboard was the perfect choice for this coastal home as it’s resistant to damage from moisture and humidity and won’t warp or splinter, unlike timber can.


“I already knew what I wanted when we started the building process, this was going to be the 25th house I’d lived in! I gave the architect, Principal Architect Adam Pressley from All Australian Architecture, a full list of everything I wanted to capture in the house as well as a huge board of Pinterest pictures to get the creative juices flowing.

We then worked with the experts at Beaches Building who shared my vision which made it such a smooth build!

We’re so thrilled with the end result. Beaches Building was amazing at helping me create my dream home every step of the way. It’s amazing when you see everything in your head come to fruition and also a huge relief to see that it all worked!”

Lizzie is thrilled with the end result! Now she has a dream Hamptons home to lay back and relax in.

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