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Four Easy Ways to Give your Hamptons Home a Facelift


Looking to give your facade a Hamptons makeover? These hallmarks offer simple ways to get this classic, coastal style with minimal time and budget.


There is nothing more quintessentially Hamptons than a classic weatherboard exterior – start here and you’re on the way to achieving your dream Hamptons-inspired facade. The perfect combination of traditional and contemporary, you don’t need ocean views to enjoy the style and practicality of this Hamptons hallmark – weatherboards work seamlessly with just about every environment, whether your home is located in the city, in the country or on a suburban street. country-hamptons-home Linea Weatherboard is a great alternative to timber – it’s the same look but it won’t rot or splinter!

Modern weatherboards are typically made from cement composite rather than timber for a crisp, long lasting look. Linea™ Weatherboard is ideal for achieving this timeless, coastal look – it has the same streamlined appearance as timber without the susceptibility to heat and moisture damage, making it a great low-maintenance alternative. Linea Weatherboard Cladding can also be used to clad right over the top of brick, giving a tired, old facade an instant makeover.

Did you know Linea Weatherboard is made using a Scyon fibre cement formulation, which means it’s durable and made to withstand any Australian climate!


Taking the time to choose the right exterior colour scheme will save you time and money. Luckily, the classic, muted palette synonymous with a Hamptons-inspired home will never go out of style and will also suit just about any home design and streetscape. It’s hard to beat the classic white paint – soothing, all-white walls will bring an instant feeling of freshness to an exterior – however cladding comes pre-primed letting you paint in any colour of your choosing 4-easy-ways-to-achieve-a-hamptons-facade-renovation-4 Consider a classic white colour palette for a fresh Hamptons look. Image via Three Birds Renovations.

Light grey is another versatile choice for a Hamptons-inspired home, while pastels in coastal-inspired shades such as duck-egg blue and mint green create a calming beachside look. You don’t have to limit yourself to light colours, either – why not make a statement with a striking dark hue such as navy, charcoal or moss green? While they’re not quite the neutrals, these adaptable choices still tick all the boxes for the Hamptons look – go for maximum impact with coloured cladding or play it safe with a statement door or shutters.


Crisp white paint used on doors and windows can really offset your walls, and it is rare to come across a Hamptons home that doesn’t have this hallmark feature. Painting skirtings and window trims a shade lighter than the walls – both inside and out – will make larger surfaces visually recede. The paint finish is also worth considering – while low sheen works best on larger surfaces, high gloss can look great on windows and trims and can be carried inside to skirting boards and architraves, making it a great way to tie in an exterior colour scheme that uses crisp, white trims against darker weatherboard cladding. mika_880x550px__1_ Crisp white trims offset the Linea Weatherboard used on this Hamptons home!


As with furnishing and decorating a Hamptons home, taking a ‘less is more’ approach to your facade will mean that your exterior will be elegant and understated, saving you money and resulting in a look that you’ll love forever.

Quality fixtures that stand the test of time are key to the Hamptons look, so don’t forget to consider the details – from lighting to door handles – and opt for key pieces that will stand out against a simple backdrop while adding stylish accents.

Outdoor furniture can be used to introduce warmth and texture to your home’s facade– think terracotta pots, a wicker outdoor setting and mats and cushions in natural materials like sisal and linen.

Achieving a Hamptons facade that you’ll love forever doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive – understanding a few key hallmarks of the look before your renovation will help to get you started!

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